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What if Voldemort Cracked UPSC?

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Here are a few reasons to be  optimistic about Voldemort’s  heroism as a UPSC-qualified  IPS or IAS officer.

All Potterheads can agree on one  thing, Voldemort had a lot  of patience. Now imagine if he aims to crack the  UPSC, would it be hard for him given his dedication to going rampage  yet waiting till the end of school?

Believe it or not, Voldemort can give you hope to evade the pilling of cases in court with his one-killing spell. He is equally capable of using the spell on his targeted criminals. Hence, you can expect a tremendous downfall in crime rates.

Disguising as a student and then  a teacher was the ultimate  move of Voldemort in the series.  If he can fool wizards like Dumbledore,  then he can fool any miser and  criminal. His quirky mind is capable  of fooling anyone.

Two negatives make a positive and in the Hogwarts world where  Voldemort was obsessed to be the  worst of all villains, do you think  he would let anyone point a finger  at his skills?