How to Find Roommates Abroad? 

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How to Find Roommates Abroad 

So you’ve overcome all of the big impediments to your ambition of studying abroad, and the only significant issue you’re concerned about as an introvert is finding roommates abroad if you can find one at all. A majority of us who have been conditioned and spoiled all our lives in our own cushioned bubbles face this issue. Hence, it inevitably comes as a major setback when we are taken out of that well-cushioned lifestyle

The ship between roommates, like marriages and friendships, may not always sail, but it is up to us to keep it sailing even in the face of adversity. Yes, most of us are different from one another, and it’s possible that you and your flatmate have no shared interests at all, but in the long run, it doesn’t matter. In the end, what matters is the bond and camaraderie you share with your flatmate, who may even become your great buddy and have your back whenever you need them. 

Tips to Find Roommates Abroad 

Finding roommates abroad may seem like a daunting task to some of you. This is why we have curated and shortlisted some essential pointers to help you figure out your way through the entire ordeal. 

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Go Online

One of the greatest ways to find roommates before moving overseas is to use one of the countless online portals. There are numerous websites accessible with the primary objective of assisting international students in connecting with one another prior to going overseas. Such services allow you to look for available lodging and roommates all around the world and connect you with roommates from other countries.

Network/Ask Your Employer

If you want to study abroad, networking can help you find reliable housemates. You could request that the institution refer you to people who are interested in sharing a room. It is safer to find a roommate through mutual connections. By doing so, you can learn more about the person before sharing a home or a room with them.

Ask Important Questions

It is critical for students to inquire about and learn more about their prospective roommates. Once you’ve discovered a suitable flatmate, make sure to ask him/ her some key questions in order to assess his or her dependability and compatibility. Living with a flatmate can lead to conflicts at times, so it is critical to discuss all relevant matters before moving in. 

For example, you can inquire about their employment, likes and dislikes, how long they will require a roommate, how long they intend to remain, cleanliness requirements, the arrangement for dividing expenses and so on. 

Get a Native Roommate

When moving to a new location, having a local flatmate is always preferable. In this manner, you will learn more about the area and its inhabitants, as well as become acquainted with their traditions and culture. Living with a local flatmate can help you in the following ways: 

  • Learn more about the area and its people. 
  • Acquaint yourself with their conventions and culture. 
  • Can assist you in learning the local language, which will allow you to interact with other people. 

These were some tips that can help you find roommates abroad. As a result, having a local as your flatmate who can not only speak the local language but also your language might be a godsend. Your flatmate can also serve as your tour guide and show you around the city.  

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Benefits of Having a Roommate

Having a good roommate or flatmate can be a godsend for students moving abroad for the first time. Yes, it is true that roommates can be the sole reason for your annoyance, but it is also true that if you find perfect roommates abroad, who are always there for you, someone who has your back in your bad times is not that bad after all. The following list of pros will help you understand the worth of your roomie and why you shouldn’t live all alone by yourself in an unfamiliar setting on your own. 

Exchange of Culture and Knowledge

Having a flatmate, especially if they are from another culture, can provide you with a unique and much more personal view of their culture and life. It’s a two-way exchange in which you learn about them and they learn about you. This can help you to work on your social and soft skills such as resolving conflicts, hygiene, and possibly a new language.

This can be a terrific learning curve for you and even help you break out of your protected shell. 

I mean, education isn’t just limited to the confines of universities, right?  In some ways, your flatmate can teach you a lot. Sure, roommates can be annoying at times, but when the right moment arrives, they can also be your mentor, buddy, and so much more. After your parents, your roommates are the only people that care about you and inquire if you’ve eaten. In other words, having roommates indicates that someone will look after you and have your back. 

Widens Your Social Network

Take this for instance. Your roommate brings along his or her mates to your flat and decides on spending some quality time together. If you share the same camaraderie as your roommate, the probability of you bonding with your roommate’s buddies is automatically boosted. If you are an introvert, this will provide you with plenty of opportunities to interact with others. You can tag along with your roommate and your newfound mates to different social clubs at the university, which will inevitably help you outgrow your network. This practice will come in handy later on when you enter the world of corporates and jobs in general. 

Split Accommodation Costs

If you are on a tight budget, having a roommate can be a godsend. This is because, when compared to staying in a single room, you may simply split the living expenses with your roommate. This can help you significantly reduce your expenses and save money.  


Having someone to vent to can keep you from falling down the rabbit hole of mental depravity. This is why having a flatmate while living alone in a foreign nation is important. In such an unfamiliar ambience, where you are unfamiliar with the people, your flatmate might be a beacon of hope who can assist you in recuperating during your difficult moments. Aside from that, you’ll have someone to look forward to in the event of an emergency. If you wish to leave the town, you can always count on your roomie to look after your room and belongings. 

Sharing a room with a stranger may seem intimidating at first, but it becomes dauntingly impossible to live alone without any human connection or attachment after a while. So much so that one of the most significant challenges that students relocating overseas for higher education face is the overwhelming feeling of isolation and alienation. Furthermore, being unable to connect with others can be detrimental to one’s overall personal and professional development.  

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