Raining Cats and Dogs Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms, and Quiz

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Raining Cats and Dogs

The meaning of the idiom raining cats and dogs is a downpour of heavy rain. It is employed to depict a situation where there is intense rainfall with large, weighty drops, as though cats and dogs were falling from the sky. 

However, it is essential to note that this phrase should not be interpreted literally but instead seen as a vivid and colourful way to describe a substantial rainstorm.

The phrase “raining cats and dogs” is an unusual expression that dates back to the 17th century, and its origins remain uncertain. Although its original creator and exact meaning are unknown, it is highly unlikely that it was meant to imply that actual pets fell from the sky.  

Despite its peculiarity, this phrase has become well-known in nearly every major English dialect, spanning from England to the United States and Canada, and even reaching multilingual Indian English and the blended Singlish spoken in Singapore.

The expression is figurative and has no documented occurrence of actual cats and dogs falling from the sky like rain. 

While there have been instances of smaller creatures like frogs, fish, and spiders being lifted from lakes and ponds by waterspouts, cats and dogs are too large to experience such “rainfall.”

Usage with Example

Here are some examples of the use of the idiom “raining cats and dogs” in sentences:

  • It rains cats and dogs when the Monsoon arrives in India. 
  • We won’t be able to play cricket today as it is raining cats and dogs. 
  • On our way back from the picnic, it was raining cats and dogs. 
  • I believe it’s unsafe to drive the car right now as it is raining cats and dogs. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Raining Cats and Dogs

Synonyms of the idiom “raining cats and dogs” include:

  • Pouring rain 
  • Torrential rain 
  • Heavy rainfall 
  • Downpour 
  • Deluge

Raining Cats and Dogs Meaning Quiz 

As it was raining cats and dogs,

  1. I reached the office earlier. 
  2. I couldn’t reach the office on time.
  3. I was able to drive smoothly. 

Answer: b) I couldn’t reach the office on time.

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This was all about the idiom raining cats and dogs meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow  Leverage Edu

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