List of 10 Jobs in Demand in the UK for 2023: Estimated Salary

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jobs in demand in the UK

The United Kingdom, famous for its aristocratic heritage, is also home to more than 160 globally top-ranked universities, endless opportunities, and career growth. Given the present scenario, where almost every other country is prone to economic recession; the UK has achieved a minimum unemployment rate of 3.8% in 2022, as per Trading economics. This allows young brilliant minds to scale the horizon and travel to the nation not only for education but to pursue jobs in demand in the UK as well. Therefore, if you want to take overseas education to pursue a career abroad, read this blog article till the very end. The article focuses on listing the top 10 highly paid jobs in demand in the UK, and the trend in the next decade that you would like to know. 

High-Paying In-Demand Jobs in the UK

Even though there is a sea of opportunities, once you add value to your skill set, the job profiles mentioned in the table below have been observed as the highest-paying jobs in demand in various industries in the United Kingdom.

In-Demand Jobs Average Annual Salary
Legal Professionals INR 62.75 lakhs
Chief Executives and Senior Officials INR 73.80 lakhs
Marketing and Sales Directors INR 62.02 lakhs
Public Relations Directors and Advertising  INR 53.00 lakhs
Brokers INR 54.78 lakhs
IT and Telecommunications Directors INR 52.32 lakhs
Medical Practitioners INR 52.89 lakhs

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10 Jobs In-Demand in the UK for the Next 10 Years

As per the survey of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, there would an employment growth in almost all the major sectors of the UK market. Therefore, make sure to go through the top 10 in-demand jobs and their expected average salary for upcoming years, along with the names of the degrees to pursue for achieving the profiles listed below. 

S.No Jobs Degree/Qualification Average Annual Salary
1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers Electrical Engineering INR 38.10 lakhs
2. Health Services Managers Health Care Management INR 85.51 lakhs
3. Nurse Practitioners BSc in Nursing INR 91.58 lakhs
4. Physical Therapist Assistants BSc in Physio Therapy  INR 49.01 lakhs
5. Wind Turbine Service
Diploma in Wind Energy
INR 46.11 lakhs
6. Data Scientists Bachelor’s in Data Science, Statistics,
or any other relevant field
INR 80.55 lakhs
7. Home Health and Personal Care Aides High School Diploma or
equivalent degree
INR 22.20 lakhs
8. Statisticians Bachelor’s in Statistics INR 75.66 lakhs
9. Information Security Analysts Bachelor’s in IT INR 84.94 lakhs
10. Physician Assistants Bachelor’s in Relevant Degree INR 94.62 lakhs

Degrees that Offer In-Demand Jobs in the UK

As you are already aware of the endless opportunities available for you out in the UK. Make sure to go through the various degree you can pursue to build a career in the highly competitive job sectors. 

Stream/Degree Career Opportunities Estimated Annual Salary 
Medicine and Dentistry Medicine: Cardiologist, Anaesthetist, General practice
doctor, Clinical radiologist, Hospital doctor, and Neurologist.
Dentistry: Dental hygienist, Dental technician, Dental therapist and Dentist. 
Medicine: INR 41.30 lakhs
Dentistry: INR 24.60 lakhs
Education Primary school teacher, Early years teacher, Ofsted inspector, and Teaching Assistant INR 15.58 lakhs
Law Solicitor, Arbitrator, Barrister, etc INR 20.50 lakhs
Architecture Architect, CAD technician, Urban designer, etc. INR 22.14 lakhs
Biological Sciences Biotechnologist, Pharmacologist, Teaching laboratory technician, etc. INR 15.58 lakhs

Top 5 Employers in the UK

In a recent survey conducted to know the latest ranking of top recruiters in the UK based on a Glassdoor review, these employers have emerged as the top 5 employers in the UK offering a good stipend to their employees:

  • Adobe – Computer Software
  • AND Digital – IT Consultancy
  • Salesforce – Cloud-Based Software Firm
  • McKinsey & Company – Management Consulting
  • Meta (Facebook) – Technology Company


What are the highest-paying jobs in the UK for foreigners?

Some of the highest-paid jobs in the UK for foreigners are Personal Trainer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Marketing and Sales Director, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Legal Professionals, etc. 

Who are the top five recruiters in the UK?

The top five recruiters in the UK known to hire qualified candidates from all over the world are ServiceNow, Adobe, AND Digital, Meta, and Abcam. 

Which is the highest-paying job in the UK?

The highest-paying jobs in the UK are available in the Information and Technology sector, Public Relations and Communications sector, Medical sector, and Marketing sector. 

The UK is central to development and opportunities with a booming economy. Given the size of the job market, graduates with in-demand degrees can be sure to find employment that pays well in their home grounds – resultantly, raising their standard of living. 

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