Self Introduction Interview for Teachers in English

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Self Introduction Interview for Teachers in English: When people ask you what your favourite teaching approach is or how you wish to acquire the trust of your students, the response is relatively simple. It’s simple since they tell you precisely what they’d like to know from you and how you should respond. The story is considerably different when they just ask you to introduce yourself. They might want to know about your educational background, teaching experience, interests, family members, hidden talents, or anything else. You need to choose wisely how to answer and what to say in response. Let’s read this blog to know more about the self-introduction interview for teachers in English. 

Self Introduction Interview Sample for Experienced Teachers 

Hello, My name is Andrea, and I’ve worked in private as well as public schools throughout my career. I acquired my PhD in education from XYZ University. I’m also a member of the National Education Association (NEA). I like interacting with students and assisting them in achieving their maximum potential by teaching them how to analyse and deal with their problems strategically, implement what they’ve learned in real-world circumstances, and thus, improve their writing abilities. I’ve been teaching for 18 years, first as an English and History teacher and now as a university professor. I love writing and reading in addition to teaching. 

Self Introduction Interview Sample for Fresher Teachers 

Greetings, my name is Andrea. I recently graduated from XYZ University, and am very pleased to begin my new job as a teacher. I have pursued graduation in mass communication and journalism, with a focus on advertising. As an undergrad, I was involved in a variety of activities on campus, including debate competitions, event planning, and sports. My objectives are to teach children of all ages and educational levels, with a focus on assisting them in teaching what they are interested in. My long-term objective is to become a teacher in an elementary school or possibly a school administrator. 

Experience in Another Field 

Hello, my name is Alivia Mukherjee. I graduated from XYZ University. I have a medical degree and have been a chemist for the previous three years. Due to my love for children, I was drawn to the field of teaching. I volunteered for many hours at an after-school program for children with impairments, which was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I believe that teaching is a wonderful career that takes patience, attention, and devotion and thus I think I would be the best fit for this role. 

Additional Points to Add to Self Introduction Interview 

Along with the above sample, you can add the following things to make your self-introduction interview more customized and detailed. 

Current Job Details 

In most circumstances, the crucial aspect of a self-introduction interview would be your present work title. Remember, you are not bound to mention every detail. Mention your job title, who you work for, and a few of your primary tasks. 

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Mention Your Most Significant Achievements 

Don’t be embarrassed to be vocal, especially if you’re in an interview. Describe a few of your greatest accomplishments in short. This could contain any initiatives you managed, significant profits you made, or honours you have received.  You can speak about your extraordinary skills or abilities that distinguish you from others. 

Speak About Passion or Hobby

You may also wish to include your interests and passions, depending on the situation.  This is especially necessary if they are related to the job or are unique enough to make you stand out. 

Aim for a self-introduction that you can get over in a few minutes. You should only focus on the key aspects. Decide beforehand what are the main points that you want to highlight about yourself. Hope the information provided above helps the reader. 


What are the main components of self-introduction?

The main components that you must include in a self-introduction are your name, your current job role, work experience, skills, and education history. 

What should we mention in a self-introduction if we don’t have any experience in teaching?

If you are a fresher you can focus more on your skills and passion that is related to teaching.

How to practice self-introduction?

You can practice in front of the mirror, your family members or even shoot yourself with your phone’s cameras, this will approach will not only help you to practice but also boost your self-confidence. 

How to ace the self-introduction interview as an English teacher?

To ace your self-introduction as an English teacher prepare your content beforehand, maintain a confident body language, and be original. 

This was all about Self Introduction Interview for Teachers in English. For the latest blogs on Interview Preparation, Careers and more, follow the Leverage Edu website and YouTube channel

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