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With the 2nd rank in Global Peace Index 2018, New Zealand is one of the safest countries to study abroad. Supreme quality education, affordable tuition fee and living cost, globally renowned institutions make New Zealand an ideal option for pursuing overseas education. The country’s serene environment, cultural diversity, as well as friendly folks, are some of the add on of studying in New Zealand. This e-book will take you through the details related to studying in NZ.

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Very detailed guide. Helped me maturer my plan to study in New Zealand.

This E-book highlights the benefits of studying in New Zealand by throwing light on the top universities, VISA process and other admission and post admission details. Give it a read if you are plannin... Read More

Do give it a read for colleges and their intakes

All the essentials details like application process, intakes, colleges, famous programs makes this guide very helpful!

Thanks for explaining the process in such details.

From the top NZ universities to admission process for foreign students, this e-book accumulates all these details together in a simple and concise manner!

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