All About Long Stay Visa - France


Whether you are planning to visit France to pursue an educational program, a paid job or visiting your family/ relative, you must apply for the Long Stay Visa if your stay will last more than 90 days. This ebook will take you through the essential details like types of long stay visa, important documents, eligibility etc.

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Glad to know all this about long stay visa for France.

I'm glad to have read this ebook. Cleared my doubts regarding the application process and documents required for the Long Stay Visa of France.

FInally, now I know the requisites to study in France.

This e-book proved to be extremely helpful in scheduling my stay for higher education in France. From the basic requirements to the tid-bits of a stay in France, this book covers it all.

Great Stuff!

This ebook made the process of my planning to visit France extremely convenient. A wonderful guide for all who wish to plan a long trip to France.

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