IELTS Speaking Cheatsheet


The IELTS Speaking section assesses your English proficiency on four main factors, i.e. Fluency and cohesion, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. In this section, an interactive discussion between a certified examiner and a test-taker is conducted and is 11-14 minutes long in duration. Wondering how to brush up your speaking skills for this section? Here's an exclusive IELTS Speaking cheatsheet to help you crack this section like a pro!

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I tried these tips and it helped get a better score.

For me, the Speaking section was a nightmare. However, by following the tips mentioned in this ebook, I could polish my speaking skills!

Great tips guys!

This e-book worked like a charm in brushing up my spoken language skills for my upcoming IELTS proficiency test.

Must read before IELTS test.

This ebook is a comprehensive read and resulted in improving my spoken English to a large extent.

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