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As one of the popular English proficiency tests, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is widely accepted by academic institutions abroad especially in America and Canada. It aims to analyses the student's proficiency in English as it is used in academic context. TOEFL is conducted in both internet-based and paper-based mode but the former is frequently opted for. Check out this e-book on TOEFL to understand its exam pattern, syllabus, practice questions, scoring and more!

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Refer for the expert guidance for TOEFL.

I was worried about TOEFL but this ebook was helpful in guiding me through the entire process for appearing for this critical test.

Great insighst in this e-book. Give it a read!

TOEFL is a vital teest for any student looking to study abroad. Props to this e-book for giving all the required information about it accurately.

Brilliant tips and tricks mentioned. Glad to know anout them.

I would personally recommned reading this ebook as it elucidates upon all the essential details of the TOEFL exam!

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