Today’s News in English: Check out the School Assembly News Headlines for 27 June 2024

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27 June School Assembly News Headlines

School Assembly News Headlines for 27 June 2024: School Assembly News Headlines provide students with a comprehensive learning experience of news in English for 27 June 2024.

In our school assembly news headlines, we offer a diverse learning experience, presenting the latest national and international news headlines in English, along with sports and today’s entertainment news in English.

Furthermore, we will cover thought for the day for the students, word of the day, and acknowledge what happened today in history worldwide to keep peers informed and inspired.

National News Headlines in English for 27 June 2024

Stay updated with 27 June 2024 news headlines in English for school assembly. Learn about various sectors´ happenings in our country. 

1. Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Passes Strict Exam Ordinance:

The Uttar Pradesh cabinet approved an ordinance to curb exam malpractice, with penalties from two years to life imprisonment and fines up to Rs 1 crore. This follows recent question paper leaks in state exams.

2. Union Minister Opens 71st India International Garment Fair:

Union Minister Giriraj Singh inaugurated the India International Garment Fair, promoting it as a crucial platform for small exporters. He urged world-class manufacturing, the adoption of the ‘hub and spoke’ model, and reviving the Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks

3. AIMIM Chief’s Remarks Spark Lok Sabha Controversy:

AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi’s remarks in support of Palestine and Telangana after his Lok Sabha oath sparked controversy. Strong reactions from members led to his statements being removed from the official record.

4. CCRAS Signs MoUs for Ayurvedic Research:

The CCRAS signed MoUs with Shri Krishna Ayush University and Dabur for Ayurvedic research. They aim to prioritize research areas in traditional medicine, supported by a newly updated CCRAS website.

5. Amritsar-Jamnagar Expressway Set for 2025 Completion:

The NHAI plans to complete the 1,316 km Amritsar-Jamnagar Expressway by December 2025. This expressway will cut through Rajasthan and Haryana, significantly reducing travel time and costs between these two key cities.

6. Government Promotes Bhashini for Language Development:

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology seeks partners for Bhashini, a national digital platform for languages. They aim to enhance AI and NLP technologies for better access to content in various Indian languages.

7. Namma Metro Phase 3A Costs Double Initial Estimate:

Namma Metro’s Phase 3A will cost Rs 28,405 crore, nearly double the initial estimate. The 36.59 km line, the most expensive in Namma Metro’s history, will be partly funded through external borrowing and government contributions.

8. Real-Time Dollar Settlement in Gujarat by 2025:

India plans to implement real-time dollar settlement in Gujarat’s financial hub by early 2025. This service aims to attract foreign investors by speeding up transactions and reducing delays.

9. National Quantum Mission Chairman Warns About Chinese Chips:

Ajai Chowdhry, chairman of the National Quantum Mission, warned that Chinese electronics pose a security risk to India. He highlighted that 90% of electronics in India contain Chinese chips, potentially relaying data back to China.

10. Uttar Pradesh Expands Boundaries of Three Major Cities:

The Uttar Pradesh government will expand the boundaries of Varanasi, Gorakhpur, and Prayagraj by including nearby villages. Additionally, a new ordinance imposes life imprisonment and hefty fines for leaking exam papers.

11. India’s AI Spending to Reach $6 Billion by 2027:

India’s AI spending, including software, services, and hardware, is expected to reach $6 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 33.7%. This surge reflects a global trend of increasing AI investment.

12. India’s External Debt Rises to $663.8 Billion:

India’s external debt increased by $39.7 billion, reaching $663.8 billion at the end of March 2024. The debt-to-GDP ratio declined slightly, while valuation effects influenced the total increase.

13. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Receives Navratna Status:

The Indian government granted Navratna status to Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders, empowering the company to make significant investments without central approval. This status enhances its operational and investment capabilities.

14. Om Birla Re-elected as Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha:

Om Birla was re-elected as the Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha on Wednesday, defeating Congress candidate Kodikunnil Suresh in a voice vote. The opposition chose not to demand a division of votes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Birla for his ability to maintain House decorum during his previous term.

15. Ministry Signs 350th iDEX Contract for Miniaturized Satellites:

The Ministry of Defence signed the 350th iDEX contract with SpacePixxel Technologies for a miniaturized satellite. This innovation will integrate multiple payloads, offering advantages in deployment and scalability.

16. CSIR and AIIMS to Convert Biomedical Waste to Soil Additives:

CSIR and AIIMS will convert biomedical waste into value-added soil additives. This pilot project, launched during the ‘One Week One Theme’ campaign, aims to promote sustainable waste management.

17. External Affairs Minister Highlights Africa-India Partnership:

Dr. S. Jaishankar emphasized Africa as a top priority for India, highlighting collaboration in capacity-building, economic partnerships, and the digital revolution. He reaffirmed India’s commitment to supporting Africa’s development.

18. India’s Nuclear Power Capacity to Increase by 70 percent:

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh announced that India’s nuclear power capacity will increase by 70% in the next five years. The addition of seven new reactors will boost the installed capacity from 7.48 GWe to 13.08 GWe.

19. Nagaland to Hold Municipal Elections with 33 percent Women’s Reservation:

Nagaland will hold Urban Local Bodies elections with 33 percent women’s reservation for the first time on June 26. The elections will take place in three Municipal Councils and 36 Town Councils, covering 418 wards.

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International News in English for 26 June 2024

Explore global stories through international news in English. Discover updates from different countries:

1. India Calls for UN Security Council Reforms:

India has asserted the need for urgent reforms to the United Nations Security Council as it approaches its 80th anniversary. Pratik Mathur, Minister in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, emphasized expanding both permanent and non-permanent categories to manage current global conflicts more effectively. Mathur highlighted the importance of the Security Council proving its credibility and improving its performance as part of broader global governance reforms.

2. Terra Invest to Fund Indian AI Startups:

Terra Invest, led by former US ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wagar, plans to allocate a significant portion of its $2.5 billion fund to Indian AI startups by 2025. The firm has already completed deals worth over $230 million and views India as a crucial market for both investment and policy development.

3. Julian Assange Pleads Guilty of publishing US military secrets:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pleaded guilty to charges of obtaining and publishing U.S. military secrets. This plea deal with the Justice Department allowed him to avoid entering the continental United States, with the proceedings held in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.

4. Iran’s Supreme Leader Urges High Voter Turnout:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for a strong turnout in the upcoming presidential election, following the death of President Ebrahim Raisi. Khamenei emphasized the importance of the election for the country and urged voters to choose a candidate who upholds the principles of the Islamic Revolution.

5. WHO Calls for Action Against Illicit Trade in Tobacco and Alcohol:

The World Health Organization urged Southeast Asian nations to take decisive action against the illicit trade in tobacco products and unreported alcohol consumption. Regional Director Saima Wazed highlighted the need for member states to join the WHO FCTC Protocol and implement effective track-and-trace mechanisms for tobacco products.

6. Jamaal Bowman Loses Democratic Primary:

Progressive Representative Jamaal Bowman lost the Democratic primary for New York’s 16th District to Westchester County Executive George Latimer, heavily supported by the pro-Israel lobby. This primary was the most expensive in U.S. history, with a total ad spending of around $25 million.

7. North Korea’s Failed Ballistic Missile Test:

North Korea’s recent ballistic missile test ended in failure, according to South Korea’s military. The test came after North Korea criticized the deployment of a U.S. aircraft carrier for regional drills with South Korea and Japan. The incident is under investigation by South Korean and U.S. intelligence.

8. Indian Farm Laborers Protest in Italy:

Thousands of Indian farm labourers protested in Italy following the death of a worker, Satnam Singh, highlighting the exploitation of undocumented migrants in the agriculture sector. The protest in Latina called for justice and better working conditions for migrant laborers.

9. Potential End to France’s EU Budget Leeway:

France’s leniency with EU budget rules might end if the upcoming snap election results in a eurosceptic, far-right government. This could strain relations with other EU countries and test the stability of the euro.

10. INDUS-X Investor Summit Announced:

The third edition of the INDUS-X Investor Summit will be held in Silicon Valley in September, co-hosted by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum and Stanford University. The summit aims to enhance private-sector cooperation and attract private capital for defense innovation between the U.S. and India.

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Sports News in English for 27 June 2024

Get the latest sports news in English and follow your favourite sports events:

1. India Targets Podium Finish in Badminton Asia Junior Championships:

The Indian junior badminton team, led by Tanvi Sharma, aims for a podium finish at the Badminton Asia Junior Championships 2024 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The team has been preparing at the National Centre of Excellence in Guwahati.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Future and Career in 40s:

Stuart Pearce suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo may need to leave Al-Nassr to extend his playing career into his 40s. Ronaldo’s future decisions are crucial as he aims to play until the 2026 World Cup.

3. Afghanistan Reaches T20 World Cup Semi-Finals:

Afghanistan’s cricket team celebrated their first-ever T20 World Cup semi-final qualification after defeating Bangladesh. Fans in Afghanistan celebrated this historic achievement, with captain Rashid Khan expressing immense pride.

4. Sreeja Akula Achieves Career-High Table Tennis Ranking:

Indian table tennis player Sreeja Akula reached a career-high world No. 24 ranking after winning the WTT Contender Lagos tournament. She is now the highest-ranked Indian player in women’s singles, surpassing Manika Batra.

5. Gautam Gambhir Likely to Replace Rahul Dravid as Coach:

Gautam Gambhir is reported to be the frontrunner to replace Rahul Dravid as India’s head coach after the 2024 T20 World Cup. Gambhir has laid out five conditions for accepting the position.

6. Inzamam-ul-Haq Accuses India of ball-tampering:

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq accused the Indian cricket team of ball tampering during their T20 World Cup game against Australia. Inzamam questioned the reverse swing achieved by Indian bowlers with a relatively new ball.

7. Pakistani Players’ Appearance Fees Controversy:

Some Pakistani players accepted low appearance fees for events during the T20 World Cup, leading to a review of the team’s performance and management issues. Disparities in payments and management changes are under scrutiny.

8. South Africa vs. Afghanistan T20 World Cup Semi-Final:

Unbeaten South Africa will face Afghanistan in the T20 World Cup semi-final at Brian Lara Stadium in Trinidad. Afghanistan, in their first-ever World Cup semi-final, secured their spot with a victory over Bangladesh.

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Today’s Entertainment News in English 

Now, let’s dive into the entertainment world and see what has taken place.

1. Indian Artist Goes Viral with Eiffel Tower Dance Video:

Eshna Kutty, an Indian artist known for her viral saree hula hoop dance, captivated audiences again by dancing to “Mukkala Mukkabla” in front of the Eiffel Tower. In collaboration with Olympic Khel, the official Indian account for the Olympic Games, Kutty performed in a red saree, blue blouse, and yellow sports shoes. Her Instagram post humorously mentioned, “If I had 5 hula hoops on me, I’d be a twirling Olympic logo, I know!”

2. ’12th Fail’ Receives Acclaim at Shanghai Film Festival:

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film ‘12th Fail’ was met with enthusiasm at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The film, which tells the inspiring story of an individual’s extraordinary journey, was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth. Chopra’s storytelling and depiction of human resilience resonated with the international audience.

3. Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal Face Trolling Over Interfaith Marriage:

Following the announcement of actress Sonakshi Sinha’s marriage to Zaheer Iqbal, the couple has faced significant trolling on social media. Due to the intense negativity, Sonakshi and Zaheer disabled the comment sections on their wedding pictures.

4. Chanel’s Haute Couture Show at Paris Palais Garnier Opera House:

Chanel showcased its haute couture collection at the Paris Palais Garnier Opera House, featuring an array of sparkly evening wear. Models emerged from the historic building’s private boxes, presenting embellished tweed ensembles, silk taffeta capes, bustier dresses, and fitted coats. The show highlighted open-toed sandals with crystal-coated heels and pearls, adding a touch of elegance to the collection.

5. Matthew Perry’s Death Linked to Ketamine Overdose:

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner concluded that “Friends” star Matthew Perry died from an overdose of Ketamine in October last year. Perry was found in his hot tub at his Pacific Palisades home. The LAPD’s further investigation suggested multiple individuals might be involved, and the US Attorney’s Office is expected to decide on possible charges.

6. Celebrities Take Legal Steps to Protect Against AI Misuse:

With the rise of AI, Indian celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, and Jackie Shroff have taken legal steps to protect their personality rights. Singer Kumar Sanu, known for his distinctive voice, plans to follow suit to prevent the misuse of his voice by AI. Sanu expressed concern over AI creating duplicates of singers, emphasising the need for legal protection against such technology.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Start your day with an inspirational thought for the day for students. Believe in yourself and prepare to face challenges:

School Assembly News Headlines

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Word of the Day 

Let us learn a new word of the day to improve your vocabulary and language skills:

Word Meaning Sentence
Garrulous (Adjective)Excessively talkative,
especially on trivial matters.
The garrulous professor captivated the students with his endless anecdotes about ancient history.
Gerrymander (Verb)To manipulate the boundaries
of an electoral constituency
to favor one party or class.
The politicians gerrymandered the district to ensure their party’s dominance in the upcoming election.
Grandiloquent (Adjective)Pompous or extravagant in language, style, or manner, especially in a way that is intended to impress.The CEO delivered a grandiloquent speech at the annual conference, using complex language to emphasise the company’s achievements.
Gratuitous (Adjective)Uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.The film included several gratuitous scenes that did not contribute to the plot or character development.
Glib (Adjective)Fluent and voluble,
insincere and shallow.
The politician’s glib answers during the debate failed to convince the audience of his sincerity.

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What Happened Today in History

Understand the significance of what happened today in history and learn how to make a difference:

1. Milestone in Science: Charles Darwin Publishes Origin of Species:

On June 27, 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, introducing the groundbreaking theory of evolution and natural selection, forever changing the scientific understanding of life on Earth.

2. Historic Battle: Soviets Launch Operation Bagration:

On June 27, 1944, the Soviet Union launched Operation Bagration, a massive military campaign during World War II, leading to the decimation of Nazi forces in Eastern Europe and marking a turning point in the war.

3. . Invention Unveiled: ATM Makes Banking History:

On June 27, 1967, the world’s first automated teller machine (ATM) was installed in Enfield, London, revolutionizing banking by allowing customers to withdraw cash without a teller, making financial transactions more accessible.

4. Landmark Legal Decision: Supreme Court Rules in Miranda v. Arizona:

On June 27, 1966, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered its landmark decision in Miranda v. Arizona, establishing that suspects must be informed of their rights to remain silent and to an attorney, profoundly impacting law enforcement procedures.

5. Tragic Event: Srebrenica Massacre Conviction:

On June 27, 2007, the International Criminal Tribunal convicted Bosnian Serb General Vujadin Popović for his role in the Srebrenica massacre, where over 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed, marking a pivotal moment in international justice.

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