Today’s News in English: Check out the School Assembly News Headlines for 22 June 2024

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22 June School Assembly News Headlines

School Assembly News Headlines for 22 June 2024: School Assembly News Headlines provide students with a comprehensive learning experience of news in English for 22 June 2024. 

Students delve into national, international, sports and entertainment headlines, preparing them for school assembly updates. Further, they also discover what happened today in history, reflect on the thought for the day, and learn a word of the day.

National News Headlines in English for 22 June 2024

Stay updated with 22 June 2024 news headlines in English for school assembly. Learn about various sectors´ happenings in our country. 

1. PM Modi Emphasizes Yoga’s Global Impact on Rainy International Yoga Day:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted yoga’s global benefits during International Yoga Day. Scheduled to speak at Dal Lake, rain moved the event indoors. He led a 30-minute yoga session under this year’s theme, “Yoga for Self and Society,” stressing yoga’s role in personal and social well-being.

2. Supreme Court Refuses to Halt NEET-UG 2024 Counselling Amid Controversy:

The Supreme Court has again refused to stop NEET-UG 2024 counselling, despite alleged exam irregularities. The court issued a notice to the National Testing Agency and scheduled a hearing for July 8. The court has also paused proceedings in three high courts investigating the exam’s conduct.

3. Akashvani News Tops Trust Rankings in India, Reuters Survey Finds:

A Reuters Institute survey ranks Akashvani News as India’s most trusted news source. The Digital News Report 2024 revealed Akashvani News scored higher in trust than other major media outlets. Prasar Bharati Chairman Navneet Kumar Sehgal praised the team’s dedication to truthful reporting.

4. Indian Railways Successfully Tests Train on World’s Highest Chenab Bridge:

Indian Railways completed a historic trial run of an eight-coach MEMU train on the Chenab Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir. This successful test on the world’s highest railway bridge is a major step towards starting rail services on the Reasi-Baramulla route, following extensive inspections.

5. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Arrives in India for Bilateral Discussions:

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina starts a two-day visit to India today. She will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Droupadi Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. This is the first bilateral visit since India’s new government took office.

6. Coal Ministry Launches 10th Round of Coal Block Auctions:

The Ministry of Coal will launch the 10th round of coal block auctions on June 21, 2024. Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy will lead the event, offering 60 coal blocks to enhance production. This initiative aims to increase transparency, competition, and sustainability in the coal sector.

7. GST Council Moves to Exempt Extra Neutral Alcohol from Tax:

The GST Council plans to amend laws to exclude Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) from GST, easing tax burdens on the spirits industry. This change, to be discussed on Saturday, aims to prevent dual taxation and streamline the taxation process, offering clarity and relief to producers.

8. EPFO Adds Record 18.92 Lakh Members in April 2024:

EPFO added a record 18.92 lakh members in April 2024, marking a 31.29% increase from March 2024. This growth, driven by employment opportunities and effective outreach, highlights a significant rise in the 18-25 age group, which accounts for 55.50% of new members.

9. Government Calls for Public Feedback on Unsolicited Communication Rules:

The government invites public feedback on draft guidelines to regulate unsolicited business communication. The guidelines target unregistered telemarketers and private numbers. Input is welcomed until July 21, as the guidelines aim to protect consumers and streamline communication regulations.

10. Cabinet Approves New Major Port in Vadhvan, Maharashtra:

The Union Cabinet approved a new major port at Vadhvan, Maharashtra, to be developed by Vadhvan Port Project Limited. This all-weather port will boost Maharashtra’s GDP by 1% and cater to increasing maritime traffic, without affecting local fishermen’s livelihoods.

11.  CBSE Introduces Online Training Programs for Educational Counselors:

CBSE announces online capacity-building programs for counsellors and teachers, aligning with NEP 2020. These programs aim to enhance skills in career counselling and psychosocial support, helping educators guide students in academic and personal development.

12. CERT-In and Mastercard Partner to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Finance:

CERT-In and Mastercard India signed an MoU to enhance cybersecurity in the financial sector. This partnership will focus on incident response, capacity building, and advanced malware analysis through training programs and workshops.

13. India’s Fast Growth Fails to Bridge Economic Inequality With An Expert Warn:

Despite being the fastest-growing major economy, India still faces significant economic inequality. With over 8% growth last fiscal year, independent economists note that many people still rely on government food aid, highlighting persistent disparities despite economic progress.

14. BJP’s Bhartruhari Mahtab Appointed Pro-Tem Speaker of Lok Sabha:

BJP leader Bhartruhari Mahtab was appointed pro-tem Speaker of the Lok Sabha, breaking the tradition of appointing the senior-most member. His role includes administering oaths to new members and presiding until a Speaker is elected. This decision drew criticism from the opposition Congress.

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International News in English for 22 June 2024

Explore global stories through international news in English. Discover updates from different countries:

1. Tajikistan Set to Ban Hijab After Parliamentary Approval:

Tajikistan’s upper parliament approved a bill banning hijabs and other “alien garments” on June 19. The law also prohibits children’s celebrations for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. This follows the lower house’s approval on May 8, targeting traditional Islamic attire like the hijab.

2. Summer Solstice 2024: The Longest Day of the Year:

June 21, 2024, marks the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Solstices occur twice annually, indicating the year’s shortest and longest daylight hours. They highlight the significant difference in day and night lengths compared to the equal hours of the equinoxes.

3.  Armenia Recognizes Palestine Amid Ongoing Gaza Conflict:

Armenia recognized the State of Palestine on June 21, supporting a UN resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This announcement came during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Armenia also advocates for a two-state solution to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

4. South Korea Summons Russian Ambassador Over North Korea Defense Pact:

South Korea summoned the Russian ambassador on June 21 to protest a new defense pact between Russia and North Korea. This follows Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on mutual defence during his visit to Pyongyang.

5. Russia and Vietnam Sign Cooperation Deals Amidst Ukraine Crisis:

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Vietnamese counterpart To Lam signed several cooperation deals on June 30. The agreements cover education, science, oil and gas, and health. Both countries aim to develop a security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region based on peaceful dispute resolution.

6. Canada Issues 1,499 Invitations for Permanent Residence in Latest Draw:

On June 19, 2024, Canada issued 1,499 invitations for permanent residence under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Candidates needed a minimum CRS score of 663. The Express Entry system allows foreigners to apply for permanent residency, enabling them to live and work in specific provinces.

7. Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5 Sonnet AI Model for Enhanced Performance:

Anthropic, supported by Google and Amazon, released an updated AI model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet. This new model, launched three months after Claude 3 Opus, offers higher benchmark scores, twice the speed, and costs a fifth of its predecessor, enhancing user productivity and efficiency.

8. Trump Advocates Automatic Green Cards for US College Graduates:

Former President Donald Trump proposed granting automatic green cards to foreign students graduating from US colleges. In an “All-In” podcast interview, Trump suggested this policy should include graduates from two-year junior colleges and doctoral programs, marking a shift from his usual hardline stance on immigration.

9. Microsoft Overtakes Nvidia as World’s Most Valuable Company:

Microsoft regained its title as the world’s most valuable company after Nvidia’s shares dropped 3.4%. Nvidia’s market value fell to $3.34 trillion, losing $91 billion, while Microsoft’s value decreased to $3.30 trillion. Apple follows closely with a market capitalization of $3.22 trillion.

10.  China’s AI Industry Booms with Over 4,500 Companies:

China now hosts over 4,500 AI companies, as revealed at the 2024 World Intelligence Expo in Tianjin. The country has established 421 national-level intelligent manufacturing factories and over 10,000 provincial digital workshops and smart factories, driving innovation in various sectors including manufacturing, transportation, education, and healthcare.

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Sports News in English for 22 June 2024

Get the latest sports news in English and follow your favourite sports events:

1. Bank of Baroda Signs Tennis Star Sumit Nagal as Brand Ambassador:

Bank of Baroda announced a partnership with rising tennis star Sumit Nagal, who will serve as
the bank’s brand endorser. Nagal, ranked World No. 71, will represent India in the upcoming
Paris Olympics.

2. Rodri Suspended for Spain’s Final Euro 2024 Group Stage Match:
Man City’s Rodri will miss Spain’s final group-stage match against Albania after receiving his second yellow card in the Euros. The booking came under a new rule allowing only team captains to speak to referees.

3. New Documentary Chronicles Roger Federer’s Final Professional Days:

A new documentary by Asif Kapadia and Joe Sabia captures Roger Federer’s reflections leading up to his retirement at the 2022 Laver Cup. The film provides a thoughtful look at Federer’s career, though it lacks the dynamism of its subject.

4. Nike to Position Jude Bellingham as the Next Michael Jordan:

Nike plans to make Jude Bellingham their next global icon, with a logo based on his goal celebration. The Real Madrid and England star aims to surpass David Beckham’s net worth, inspired by the success of the Air Jordan brand.

5. Serbia Threatens Euro 2024 Withdrawal Over Offensive Chants:

Serbia is contemplating withdrawal from Euro 2024 following offensive chants during Croatia’s draw with Albania. The chants, heard during the Group B match, have reignited historical tensions between the nations.

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Today’s Entertainment News in English 

Now, let’s dive into the entertainment world and see what new has taken place.

1. Kota Factory Season 3 Leaked Online, Hurting Netflix Subscriptions:

The much-anticipated season 3 of “Kota Factory,” starring Jitendra Kumar, was recently released on Netflix. Unfortunately, it was leaked online in HD, deterring many potential subscribers from purchasing Netflix plans, which start at Rs. 199/month.

2. Mumbai International Film Festival Celebrates Jiri Trnka’s Legacy:

The 18th Mumbai International Film Festival honoured Czech animation legend Jiri Trnka with a retrospective session titled “From Theatrical Puppetry to Cinematic Perspective.” French filmmaker Olivier Catherin shared insights on Trnka’s pioneering work.

3. X and Netflix Accused of Promoting Explicit Content, Called Cultural Terrorists:

Journalist Uday Mahurkar, founder of the Save Culture Save Bharat foundation, accused X (formerly Twitter) and Netflix of promoting explicit content and harming Indian culture. He called for a government ban on both platforms.

4. Bollywood Stars Who Shine as Singers on World Music Day:

On World Music Day 2024, we celebrate Bollywood actors who have also made a mark as singers. Alia Bhatt and Ayushmann Khurrana are notable examples, with Bhatt debuting in “Highway” and Khurrana impressing with his singing in “Vicky Donor.”

5. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 Delayed Due to Creator’s Health Issues:

The release of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 263 is delayed as creator Gege Akutami focuses on health recovery. Fans eagerly await the continuation of the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, particularly the Yuta vs. Sukuna battle teased in the previous chapter.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Start your day with an inspirational thought for the day for students. Believe in yourself and prepare to face challenges:

thought for the day for school assembly news headlines

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Word of the Day 

Let us learn a new word of the day to improve your vocabulary and language skills:

Word Meaning Sentence
Bifurcate (Verb)To divide into two branches
or parts.
The river bifurcates into two smaller streams near the village.
Benevolent (Adjective)Well-meaning and kindly.The benevolent man donated a large sum to the charity.
Beleaguered (Adjective)Suffering or being subjected
to constant or repeated trouble
or harassment.
The beleaguered manager struggled to keep the team motivated.
Blithe (Adjective)Showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper.She carried on with her blithe attitude despite the serious situation.
Bombastic (Adjective)High-sounding but with little meaning; inflated.The politician gave a bombastic speech that impressed few people.

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What Happened Today in History

Understand the significance of what happened today in history and learn how to make a difference:

1. Operation Barbarossa Begins:

On June 22, 1941, Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, invading the Soviet Union with over three million troops, marking a crucial turning point in World War II.

2. G.I. Bill Transforms American Society:

On June 22, 1944, President Roosevelt signed the G.I. Bill into law, providing education and housing benefits to World War II veterans, greatly boosting the U.S. economy and middle class.

3. Napoleon Marches into Russia:

On June 22, 1812, Napoleon’s Grand Army began its invasion of Russia, leading to disastrous losses for France and significantly weakening Napoleon’s power.

4. Battle of Okinawa Concludes in Allied Victory:

On June 22, 1945, the Battle of Okinawa ended with Allied forces securing a crucial victory against Japan, paving the way for the end of World War II in the Pacific.

5. Italy Celebrates Armistice Day:

On June 22, 1865, Italy observed its first Armistice Day, commemorating the end of hostilities in the Second Italian War of Independence, which led to the unification of Italy.

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