What is the Full Form of FIR?

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FIR Full Form

The full form of FIR is First Information Report. When a crime involving the victim occurs, a FIR is promptly filed with the police. As the name implies, it is the first piece of information that the authorities learn and it helps them control their next course of action. The on-duty police officer records the first information report at the police station. It might be made on behalf of the victim or by someone who may be found guilty.

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Content of an FIR

  • The filename of an FIR
  • Name of the complainant or the name of the victim
  • Explanation of the offense
  • time and location of the crime
  • (If any) Witness Statements
  • If the perpetrator is known, give their name and a brief description of them.

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Importance of an FIR

Fear of the criminals prevents many incidents from being reported, which just strengthens the perpetrators. The filing of an FIR authorizes police officers to take action, which is the first step in defending society against crimes. The first step in pursuing justice is to file an FIR because it is only then that an officer may apprehend a criminal and provide the victim with relief. It represents the accused’s initial official statement.

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Procedure to Follow FIR

  • Written FIR: The first step in the process is to show up as soon as you can at the local police station. The written FIR copy should be carefully examined to ensure that all the information is written accurately and then signed to provide confirmation.
  • Reading the FIR: To avoid any misunderstandings, the victim who files a complaint against the accused has the right to request that the authorities read the FIR to him or her.
  • Verification: Confirming the FIR In situations of panic or haste, incorrect information can sometimes be spread. To prevent any misunderstandings, it is crucial to verify the information given.
  • Signature: After reading and carefully examining the filed FIR, it is vital to sign it because, without a signature, it is useless and no action may be performed. If a person is unable to write, they can leave their thumbprints on the paper using their left thumb.

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