What Is The Full Form Of ARIIA?

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What Is The Full Form Of ARIIA

The full form of ARIIA is the Atal Ranking Of Institutions On Innovation Achievements, which was established by the Ministry of Education in 2018 to rank higher education institutions based on different criteria designed by the Ministry of Education. ARIIA rankings help students learn more about the institution they are applying to. Read this blog to learn more about the ARIIA rankings.

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Parameters used in ARIIA Rankings

A total of 6 parameters are used in the ARIIA rankings; different parameters have different weights. The six parameters are in the table below

Parameters Weightage
Programs and Activities on IPR, Innovation, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship7.5
Pre Incubation and Incubation Infrastructure and  Facilities to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E)7.5
Annual Budget Spent on Promoting and Supporting I&E Activities13
Courses on Innovation, IPR, and Entrepreneurship Development 05
Intellectual Property (IP), Technology Transfer and Commercialization32
Successful Innovation and Start-ups & Funding Innovation & Start-ups35

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Categories of ARIIA Rankings

A total of 2 categories of ranks can be put under ARIIA, the table below shows the categories:

Public Funded InstitutionsInstitute of National Importance, Central Universities & CFTIsState University & Deemed Universities (Government & Government. Aided)Government and Government / Aided College/Institutes
Private or Self-Financed InstitutionsPrivate or Self-Financed Universities.Private or Self-Financed Colleges/Institutes

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Objectives Of ARIIA

There are several objectives that ARIIA accomplishes, including:

  • The main objective of ARIIA is to improve the country’s rank in the Global Innovation Index.
  • They are providing a strong startup culture on different university campuses.
  • It measures how HEI startups’ innovations affect the market and society.

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 What is ARIIA?

ARIIA stands for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements. It’s an initiative by the Ministry of Education to rank higher education institutions based on their innovation achievements and entrepreneurial activities.

 How are institutions ranked in ARIIA?

Institutions are ranked based on six parameters, including programs and activities on innovation, infrastructure for entrepreneurship support, budget allocation for innovation activities, courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, intellectual property management, and success in innovation and startups.

 What are the objectives of ARIIA?

The objectives of ARIIA include improving India’s rank in the Global Innovation Index, fostering a strong startup culture in universities, and assessing how innovations from higher education institutions impact the market and society.

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