What Is The Capital Of Indonesia?

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what is the capital of Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. It wears multiple hats. It is Indonesia’s capital city and its most populous, sprawled across the northwest coast of Java Island where the Ciliwung River spills into Jakarta Bay. The Jakarta metropolitan area, known as Greater Jakarta, encompasses most of the city, while the special capital district includes nearby islands in the Java Sea. In this article, we will cover everything you should know about the capital of Indonesia. 

Overview of Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has always been the hub for trade and commerce. After it gained the status of capital, it acquired the importance of almost the country. 

Official NameSpecial Capital Region of Jakarta (Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta)
AbbreviationDKI Jakarta
Previous NameBatavia (until 1949)
StatusCapital City & Metropolitan Center
IslandJava (The world’s most populous island)
RegionSoutheast Asia
Rank (ASEAN Economy)2nd Largest (after Singapore)
Bordered ByWest Java (South & East), Banten (West)
Maritime BorderLampung (West)
CoastlineFaces Java Sea (North)
Special StatusEquivalent to a Province
Source- Whereig.com

Brief History of Jakarta

Jakarta’s history is long and rich. Before Europeans arrived, it was a port city called Sunda Kelapa, part of the Sunda Kingdom. 

  • The Portuguese and Dutch came in the 16th century, with the Dutch renaming the city Batavia. Jakarta was a center of trade that attracted Chinese and Arab immigrants. 
  • After Indonesia gained independence in 1945, the city was renamed Jakarta and became the capital. 
  • In the 20th century, Jakarta saw growth and development under President Sukarno, followed by a period of violence and political change. 
  • More recently, Jakarta has dealt with terrorism and plans are underway to move the capital city.
Source- IAS Toppers

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Demography of Jakarta

The best way to explain the population of Jakarta is as follows:

  • It attracts people for jobs, but many aren’t Jakarta natives (only 51% in 1961).
  • The population doubled between 1961 and 1980, with continued growth afterwards.
  • The 2010 census revealed a higher population (9.58 million) than expected.
  • Greater Jakarta’s population exploded from 8.2 million in 1970 to 30 million in 2014.
  • By 2030, Greater Jakarta is predicted to be the world’s biggest megacity with 35.6 million people.
  • Jakarta’s density is high: 15,174 people per square kilometre in 2014.

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Geography of Jakarta

The geography and topography of Jakarta are as follows:

  • It is quite small (661 sq km), but the Greater Jakarta area is massive (6,392 sq km).
  • Located on the northwest coast of Java at the mouth of the Ciliwung River.
  • Strategically positioned near the Sunda Strait.
  • The northern part is flat and prone to flooding (partly below sea level).
  • Southern parts are hilly.
  • One of two Southern Hemisphere capital cities in Asia (along with Dili, East Timor).
  • Lies on a low alluvial plain with historically swampy areas (average elevation 8 meters).
  • Parts are built on reclaimed land.
  • 13 rivers flow through Jakarta, including the Ciliwung which divides the city east and west.

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Economy of Jakarta

Jakarta is the economic powerhouse of Indonesia as it contributed to the growth of the nation in many different ways. 

  • Jakarta is the economic heart of Indonesia, contributing 17% of the nation’s GDP.
  • Major industries include manufacturing (electronics, cars), services (banking, finance), and trade.

GDP Growth in Jakarta

  • Jakarta Stock Exchange and Bank Indonesia, the central bank, are headquartered here.
  • Major Indonesian companies like Salim Group and Telkomsel have their head offices in Jakarta.
  • The city is a hub for important business associations and is home to several Fortune 500 companies.

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Culture of Jakarta

Jakarta’s cultural scene is a vibrant mix thanks to its diverse population. Tourists can experience this through the Betawi language, a unique creole that blends Malay with other languages. 

Local cuisine and traditional houses showcase Betawi heritage. 

Source- Indonesia Kaya

To fully immerse yourself, attend cultural events like the Betawi Culture Festival or Jakarta Fair. These celebrations highlight the city’s rich cultural heritage and folklore.

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Facts About Jakarta

Let’s end this article with some of the facts about the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Grab the last sip of your coffee and jump right into it. 

  • Jakarta is also known as “The Big Durian” (spiky, smelly fruit)
  • It is located in Java which is the most populous Indonesian island
  • Largest Indonesian city (11 million population, 32 million in greater Jakarta)
  • 2nd largest urban center globally (only behind Tokyo)
  • Official language: Bahasa Indonesia (most common language in Indonesia)

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