What Is The Capital Of Hungary?

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What is the capital of Hungary

The Capital of Hungary is Budapest. There are people from across the globe who come and visit this vibrant and lively city. Furthermore, it is a city that has architectural grandeur that has been bisected by the Danube River and interestingly, Buda and Pest are on either side of the river. You will still find ancient Roman roots in the Capital of Hungary, Budapest. Let us read more about what is the capital of Hungary and more about it. 

What is the History of Budapest?

Budapest’s story begins with Roman settlements along the Danube in the 1st century AD. Over the centuries there have been many empires and cultures that have influenced Budapest. Right from the Huns, the Magyars (they are the ancestors of modern Hungarians), to the Ottoman Turks, all have had an effect on the Capital of Hungary.

  • In 1873 two historic cities of Buda and Pest which are separated by the Danube were merged to form Budapest. 
  • Furthermore, the city grew during the Austro-Hungarian Empire but survived challenges during World War I and World War II. 
  • Moreover, after the Cold War, Budapest became a successful centre of Eastern Europe.
what is the capital of Hungary

Demography of Budapest

As of 2024, in the Capital of Hungary, Budapest there are about 17,80,000 people. 

  • Most of the people living there are the Magyar people. 
  • However, there are smaller communities of Roma, Germans, and Slovaks that are also a part of the population.
  • Females make up most of the population, which is about 52.4% and males are 47.6% as of 2024. 

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Geography of Budapest

As already mentioned, the Capital of Hungary, Budapest, lies on the banks of the Danube River.

  • The terrain is mostly flat on the Pest side, while Buda has a hilly landscape with Buda Castle on the hilltop. 
  • The city’s elevation ranges from around 100 meters which is 328 feet along the Danube to over 400 meters which is 1,312 feet on the Buda Hills.
  • Summers are from June to August and are warm and pleasant with temperatures reaching 25°C
  • Winters from December to February are cold as temperatures dip below freezing. 
  • Moreover, spring and autumn are pleasant thus making them ideal times to visit.
what is the capital of Hungary

Economy of Budapest

The economy of Budapest is powered by the following sectors:

  • Tourism: Budapest is a prominent tourist destination which attracts visitors with its historical landmarks, vibrant culture as well as thermal baths. Tourism builds revenue through hotels, restaurants, transportation, and souvenir sales.
  • Finance and Business Services: Furthermore, the city has major banks, financial institutions, and international companies hence making it a financial hub in Central Europe.

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Culture of Budapest

Additionally, the immense culture of the Capital of Hungary, Budapest, is the gift of the past: 

  • There are iconic architectural marvels such as the Parliament Building, Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge that show you the Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles.
  • A wonderful and different experience that Budapest is famous for is its therapeutic thermal baths which was a legacy passed down from the Roman and Turkish rule.
  • The Hungarian National Gallery and the Hungarian National Museum will make you experience the nation’s history.
  • There are classical music concerts at the Hungarian State Opera House that have lively jazz bars.
  • Food in Budapest includes hearty stews like goulash, flavourful paprikash dishes, and delicious pastries. There is a local wine like Tokaj which is a famous sweet dessert wine.
  • The Budapest Spring Festival is a celebration of music and arts wherein you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere during Christmas time.
what is the capital of Hungary

Facts about Budapest 

Furthermore, here are some interesting facts about Budapest! 

  • It has the oldest Metro System in Continental Europe which opened in 1896. 
  • Moreover, the Budapest Metro is the second oldest underground railway system in Europe after London and the first on the continent. Interestingly, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the metro is not just a mode of transport but a historical treasure.
  • There are over 80 geothermal springs and it rightfully has the nickname “City of Spas.” In addition, these natural springs have been used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits.
  • The Rubik’s Cube which is a 3D puzzle was invented in 1974 and was the brainchild of Hungarian architect Erno Rubik. 


What are the two capitals of Hungary?

There is actually just one capital of Hungary, Budapest. However, they are often considered as two as the Danube River separates the cities of Buda and Pest. 

What is the main capital of Hungary?

The main capital of Hungary is Budapest. 

What is the capital and currency of Hungary?

The capital and currency of Hungary is Budapest and Forint, respectively, 

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