What is the Capital City of Haryana?

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Capital City Of Haryana

The Capital City Of Haryana is Chandigarh which is also known as the ‘City Beautiful’. The Capital City of Haryana, Chandigarh, is also interestingly the Capital City of Punjab. Moreover, due to its special planning, spacious gardens, well-defined sectors, and beautiful architecture, the city got its name ‘City Beautiful’. Furthermore, Chandigarh has a vibrant history with some beautiful monuments. Read this blog to learn more about the history of the state, its culture, and much more.

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Overview of Haryana

Let us get to know a bit about Haryana: 

  • It is located in the Northern part of the country. Haryana shares its borders with Chandigarh, and Punjab, and is very close to the capital of India, Delhi.
  • Haryana became a sole state on the 1st of November 1996, after it got separated from Punjab.
  • Additionally, there are a total of 22 administrative districts in Haryana, each with its unique contribution to the state’s growth.
  • Haryana is the 13th largest economy in India, with 32 special economic zones. Moreover, the services sector, industry, and agriculture all contribute to the state’s economy.

Source: Wikipedia 

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History of the Capital City of Haryana

The Capital City of Haryana, Chandigarh, has a rich history that is very closely knit with the partition of India in 1947.

  • After India’s partition, the province of Punjab was divided into East Punjab, which is located in India, and West Punjab, which is now located in Pakistan.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru, the country’s first Prime minister, had the idea to construct a modern city as a new capital for East Punjab, which resulted in the establishment of Chandigarh.
  • Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect, was the city’s master planner.
  • On the 7th of October 1953, Chandigarh was officially inaugurated by India’s first president, Rajendra Prasad.

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Geography and Demography of Chandigarh

In addition, the Capital City of Haryana, Chandigarh is very strategically placed.

  • Placed near the foothills of the Himalayas in northwest India.
  • Its borders are shared by the states of Punjab and Haryana, and its average elevation is 321 metres (1053 feet).
  • The city is roughly 229 kilometres (143 miles) southeast of Amritsar and 260 km (162 miles) north of New Delhi.
  • The capital city of Haryana is a modern city centre, as 97% of its population resides in urban areas.
  • Around 55% of the population are males
  • Chandigarh enjoys a high literacy rate, exceeding the national average.


What is the capital city of Haryana?

The capital city of Haryana is Chandigarh, also known as the “City Beautiful.”

When did Chandigarh officially become the capital of Haryana?

Chandigarh became the capital of Haryana on November 1st 1966 after the state was separated from Punjab.

Who was the master planner of Chandigarh?

The master planner of Chandigarh was Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect.

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