What is the Full Form of MMRC?

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mmrc full form

The full form of MMRC is Modified Medical Research Council. The mMRC Dyspnoea Scale is a simple questionnaire that assesses how much shortness of breath limits your daily activities. It’s particularly useful for chronic respiratory illnesses like COPD. While it might not perfectly reflect how bothered you feel by your breathing, it does correlate with other measures of disease severity and risk of hospitalization. The ease and speed of using the mMRC make it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals.

mMRC Dyspnoea Scale

If you are someone who wishes to check their mMRC Dyspnoea scale, then you can below is the information you should already know.

GradeDegree of Breathlessness Related to Activities
1Not troubled by breathlessness except during strenuous exercise
2Short of breath when hurrying on the level or walking up a slight hill
3Walks slower than most people on the level; stops after about a mile or after 15 minutes of walking at their own pace
4Stops for breath after walking about 100 yards or a few minutes on level ground
5Too breathless to leave the house, or breathless when undressing

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mMRC Questionnaire

It comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is all mentioned below.


  • Simple and quick: Easy for healthcare professionals to administer and for patients to understand.
  • Self-administered: Patients can complete it independently, saving time during consultations.


  • Subjectivity: Scores can vary between patients due to individual interpretations of breathlessness.
  • Reliance on patient reporting: Healthcare professionals rely on the patient’s honesty and accuracy in reporting their experiences.

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What is a mMRC score?

The mMRC score (0-4) ranks shortness of breath severity based on daily activity limitations.

What is the function of the mMRC?

The mMRC score assesses shortness of breath severity based on daily activities.

What are mMRC and cat?

mMRC and CAT are both questionnaires used to assess breathlessness, but mMRC is simpler (focuses on daily activities) while CAT is more comprehensive (includes cough, phlegm, etc.).

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