21 Interesting Facts About Nepal Country for Kids

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Interesting Facts About NEPAL

Nepal is an interesting country with ancient cultures, multiple religions, traditional food recipes, and so much more. Over the years, this country has become a popular tourist destination with people coming to explore its charm and beauty. While on the one hand, there is the majestic Himalayas, Nepal, on the other hand, also offers the thought-provoking sight of the Indra Jatra or the Kumari festival. In this blog, you will explore more interesting facts about Nepal that will truly blow your mind. 

Unknown Fun Facts About Nepal

1. Nepal lies between China and India in South Asia. 

2. Eight of the world’s ten highest mountain peaks are in Nepal. 

3. Most people in Nepal practice Hinduism while the rest of the population follows Buddhism

4. Nepal does not celebrate Independence Day as the country was never under the rule of another foreign occupation. 

5. Nepal became a federal democratic republic in 2008 after giving up its monarchy form of government. 

6. Nepal has the world’s deepest lake known as the Shey Phoksundo. 

7. Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Sites. 

8. Nepal houses four recognized World Heritage Cultural Sites.

9. Nepal resembles the map of Portugal if we turn it ninety degrees. 

10. This country is also known for being a natural habitat to 250 species of flora and fauna, 870 species of birds, and 650 species of butterflies and giant moths. 

11. The Constitution of Nepal was formed in 2015, making it pretty new. 

12. Nepal is the only country where the flag contains two triangles. The upper triangle has a sun representing two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. 

13. The railway system of Nepal is just 59 km.

14. In Nepal, the concept of arranged marriages is more common than love marriages. 

15. Daal Bhaat or lentils with rice is the staple food of Nepal. 

16. Killing a cow in Nepal can put you in prison for twelve years. 

17. Nepal is also considered the birthplace of Gautam Buddha

18. Nepal followed a policy of isolationism from 1846 to the 1950s under the Rana regime.

19. In Nepal, Kumari is a living goddess who lives in temples. They are worshipped as the earthly manifestations of the goddess Taleju, also known as Durga in India.  

20. Elephant Polo is believed to have originated in Meghauli, Nepal. 

21. Nepal follows the Bikram Sambat Calendar, a unique combination of the solar and lunar calendar. It is eight and a half months ahead of the Gregorian Calendar.


What are 5 interesting facts about Nepal?

5 interesting facts about Nepal include that Elephant Polo originated in Nepal, it is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the railways are just 59 km, daal bhaat is the staple food in Nepal, and lastly, eight of the world’s ten highest mountain peaks are found in Nepal. 

What is Nepal best known for?

Nepal is best known for its tourist attractions and housing seven of the world’s UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Sites. 

Why is Nepal so special?

Nepal is known for its ethnic diversity, cultural heritage, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, traditional food like sel roti, and ancient traditions. 

Hope you had fun reading these interesting facts about Nepal. If you like reading about facts, you can visit our interesting facts page to read more such blogs.

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