11 Jaw-Dropping Jellyfish Facts You Need to Sea

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Interesting Facts About Jellyfish

In our deep seas lives the Jellyfish who wiggles around without even a heart with the rest of the creatures of our seas. Intriguingly, Jellyfish have existed way before us as well as dinosaurs! This means that they have been in the water for over 500 million years or you can say the Ordovician Period. This was surely a jaw-dropping fact for you as it was for me! Read on to learn more Facts about Jellyfish. 

Facts about Jellyfish

Furthermore, here are some Facts about Jellyfish! 

  1. A Jellyfish is made up of 95-98% water and does not have a brain, lungs, heart, or bones. Therefore, they depend on simple nerves for basic sensory functions.
  1. Jellyfish do have very different lifespans. There are smaller species that may only live for a few hours. Whereas larger ones like the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish can survive for several years! 
  1. The Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish can go back to its young form even after reaching maturity! Thus actually making it biologically immortal.

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  1. Many jellyfish species are bioluminescent, such as the Crystal Jellyfish, which emits light through chemical reactions within its body. Interestingly, Jellyfish genes are being used in scientific research to create glow-in-the-dark animals, like cats and rabbits! 
  1. The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish can have tentacles up to 120 feet long. Moreover, while the smallest species, such as the Common Kingslayer, are smaller than your fingernail.
  1. Jellyfish use hydrostatic skeletons, where their fluid-filled bells and circular muscles allow them to move by contracting muscles and squirting water, or they can drift with ocean currents to move swiftly.
  1. Funnily, Jellyfish can evaporate if left in the sun as they have a high water content. Hauntingly, their tentacles can still sting after separation from their bodies or even after the jellyfish dies​! 
A Jellyfish can evaporate in the Sun!
  1. The Box Jellyfish is very venomous, with stings that can cause excruciating pain, cardiac arrest, and even death. Moreover, they have 24 eyes around their bell. This gives them a 360° vision as well as the ability to see, not just sense light! Additionally, this Jellyfish can swim up to six meters per minute. This is because of their shelf-like bell shape, which helps them propel water more easily than most drifting jellies.
  1. A Jellyfish can reproduce both sexually as well as asexually. The fertilisation process usually involves the male’s sperm being transferred to the female’s mouth, which then fertilises the eggs​.
  1. Jellyfish is a type of cnidarian. They are jelly-like marine animals with radial symmetry and stinging cells called cnidocytes that capture prey. Interestingly, the term “cnidarian,” is from the Greek word for “sea nettle,” and also includes sea anemones and coral.

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