32 Interesting Facts About Haryana in English

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Facts About haryana

When it comes to representing India on the global level, the state of Haryana has provided the country with numerous famous personalities. From Kalpana Chawla, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kapil Dev, Sonu Nigam to Geeta Phogat becoming the first female wrestler to win a gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games, Haryana is a blessed state. Moreover, Haryana is also a part of the Mahabharata and Krishna tourism development circuit. Did you know that there are 21 tourism hubs created by Haryana Tourism Corporation (HTC)? Here are some other interesting facts about Haryana in English for students to know this state better. 

Amazing Fun Facts About Haryana 

1. Haryana separated from Punjab on November 1, 1966. 

2. Haryana translates into the Forest land of Hari (goddess Vishnu). 

3. It is believed that the state was the birthplace of the Bharata Dynasty from which the country’s name Bharat was derived.

4. It has 22 districts and six administrative divisions.

5. Haryana ranks 21st in terms of area. 

6. Chandigarh is the joint capital city of Haryana and Punjab. 

7. There are 4 river basins in the state of Haryana. 

8. Faridabad is the most populous city of Haryana. 

9. Rakhigardhi, located in Harayana’s Hisar district, is an archaeological site belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization.

10. Haryana falls in the Agro Climate Zone-IV, also known as the Trans-Gangetic Plains Region. 

11. Rice, bajra, maize, wheat, and barley are some of the major crops grown in Haryana. 

12. Farmers in Haryana grow mango, guava, amla, and chiku fruits. 

13. Every year India celebrates November 1 as the official Haryana Day. This day commemorates Haryana’s partition from Punjab. 

14. There are two national parks, eight wildlife sanctuaries, four animal and bird breeding centres, and two wildlife conservation areas in Haryana. 

15. In Haryana, Mahendragarh is the richest district in terms of mineral resources.

16. Badkal Lake, Surajkund, Karna Lake, Hathni Kund, and Damdama Lake are some of the most popular lakes in Haryana. 

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Facts About Geography of Haryana

1. Haryana is located in northern India. 

2. Haryana shares borders with Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh

3. The total geographical area of Haryana is 44,212 sq km.

4. Haryana is divided into five geographical divisions, the Bagar and sandy plains, the alluvial plain, the Shiwaliks, the Aravali range, and the Foot Hill zone.

Facts About Festivals of Haryana

1. Haryana Day, Lohri, Baisakhi, and Basant Panchmi are some of the important festivals of Haryana. 

2. Surajkund International Fair, Masani Fair, Pinjore Heritage Festival, and Kurukshetra Festival are some of the famous fairs in Haryana.

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Facts About Music and Dance of Haryana

1. Folk songs in Haryana are known as Raganis. 

2. Bara Masa is the famous folk song of Haryana. It is a song for the twelve months of the year. 

3. The theatre in Haryana is called the Natya Plays. 

4. Ali Baksh of Rewari is famously known as the father of traditional folk theatre in Haryana. 

5. Dholak, Manjeera, Damru, Bansuri, Been, Shehnai, Khartals, and Shanka are some of the popular traditional musical instruments of Haryana.

6. In Haryana, folk singers sing the glories of their success, famously known as Dohas.

Facts About Important State Symbols of Haryana

1. Black buck is the state mammal of Haryana.

2. Black francolin is the state bird.

3. Lotus is Haryana’s state flower. 

4. Peepal is the state emblem of Haryana.


What are the interesting facts about Haryana?

Some interesting facts about Haryana are that it separated from Punjab on November 1, 1966, there are four river basins, and lastly, it falls in the Agro Climate Zone-IV.

Why is Haryana very famous?

Haryana is popular for various reasons. Above all, it is known for its cattle wealth and is home to the famous Murrah buffalo. Many people believe that the state was the birthplace of the Bharata Dynasty from which the country’s name Bharat was derived.

What is special about Haryana?

Some special interesting facts about Harayana are that it shares borders with Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, lotus is the state flower, and stands at the 21st position in terms of area. 

Hope you had fun reading these interesting facts about Haryana. If you like reading about facts, you can visit our interesting facts page to read more such blogs.

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