10 Interesting Facts about Gujarat and Its Culture

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Facts About Gujarat

Formed in 1960, Gujarat is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. These famous personalities have proved that the land of Gujarat has something exceptional in it. Furthermore, it is known for being the Diamond Hub of India and is home to the World’s Tallest Statue, the Statue of Unity. However, beyond these famous aspects, Gujarat has many more interesting facts that you would not have known otherwise! 

Facts About Gujarat

Now let’s hop on to some interesting Facts about Gujarat. Scroll up and grab your beverage. 

  1. Gujarat has a booming economy:
  • Ahmedabad was once the world’s 3rd fastest growing city (2010).
  • Interestingly, the state has high GDP growth (12% annually for 12 years).
  • Gujarat has one of the highest per capita GDPs in India.
  1. Surat is the richest city in India with a high average annual household income.
  1. Gujarat is a leader in the industry:
  • Jamnagar refines oil at the world’s largest grass-roots refinery.
  • In addition, Ahmedabad is home to the world’s 3rd largest denim manufacturer.

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  1. Gujarat is known for safety and labour peace:
  • It has the lowest crime rate among major Indian cities.
  • The state has the least man-days lost due to labour unrest.
  1. Gujarat is a financial powerhouse:
  • Gujaratis hold a significant share of Indian stocks despite being a smaller portion of the population.
  • Moreover, the state has a well-developed gas grid infrastructure.
  • You can even prove this fact about Gujarat with some of the top industrialists belonging to this place. 
  1. Gujarat is a leader in technology. The state has the second-largest Wide Area Network in the world, connecting a vast network of districts and villages.

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  1. Gujaratis are a successful diaspora:
  • A significant portion of Indian Americans are Gujarati.
  • Additionally, gujaratis own a large share of the hospitality industry in the US.
  • They are key players in the global diamond trade, with Surat being a major diamond polishing center.
  • Gujaratis have high household income levels even at the international level. For instance, in North America.
  1. Interesting Gujarat firsts:
  • Ahmedabad has the world’s first vegetarian outlets, Subway and Domino’s.
  • The first all-vegetarian Pizza Hut opened in Ahmedabad.
  1. Gujarat is home to the Asiatic lion, the only wild lion population outside Africa.
  1. The last fact about Gujarat is the one that makes it an amazing Indian state. It is the largest producer of milk in India. 

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