20 Interesting Facts About Cows For Kids 

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Fact About Cows

People who have spent time with cows would agree that they are one of the most interactive and kind individuals in the world. Cows are pretty much harmless until you do something bad to them. Moreover, these are social animals that would only surround you when you call them. In this article, we will cover 20 interesting facts about cows in detail.

Fact About Cows

Cows are basically beautiful with brains. They look cute and they can smell anything from 6 miles away. Here are some facts about cows. 

  1. Are you of the opinion that all cattle are cows? Well! Terminology varies by age, sex, and reproduction.
  2. Would you believe us if we mentioned that they have a four-chambered stomach? Cows are ruminants with specialized digestion.
  3. We have already mentioned above that cows can smell odors up to 6 miles away!
  1. They can see almost 360 degrees with eyes on each side of their head.
  2. Cows have individual personalities like boldness, curiosity, or sociability.
  3. They can solve puzzles for rewards and enjoy the challenge. This is why you would see them enter the roads with dogs and then find their way out of it. 
  4. Do you ever wonder how they can make it to your home every day at the same time if you feed them chapati? These individuals can remember locations and recognize familiar faces.
  5. They can experience all the emotions from joy and fear to sadness.
  6. Social bonds with herd mates reduce stress in cows, who become distressed when separated. 
  7.  They love to play, run, jump, and even chase balls.
  8. Cows are the most common animals that people domesticate. You can find them all over the world.
  9. Cows graze on fenced areas of grass. They would only eat grasses and all the vegetarian foods. 
  10. Are you eager to know their mammal classification? The answer is that they are warm-blooded and nurse their young.
  11. You might have already noticed the fact that people commonly call a group of cows, cattle.
  12. There are over 1000 diverse breeds in the world.
  13. This is less of a fact and more of general information. Let’s learn about their male and female terms. Male cattle are classified as bulls if intact, and steers if castrated. Young females go by the common name ‘heifers,’ while females with calves are cows.
  14. Calves are all young cattle, regardless of sex.
  15. The term Oxen refers to the castrated males of the same species.
  16. Cows have limited color vision. Just like a bull, cows also cannot see red.  
  17. Another name for a group of cows is a herd, driven, or team.


What is special about cows?

Cows have a super sniffer, smelling things up to 6 miles away! Their hearing leans toward low and high notes.

How far can a cow smell?

Cows have a nose for adventure! They can sniff out scents up to 6 miles away.

How long can a cow remember?

Cows aren’t forgetful! They can recall tasty grazing grounds for over a month and recognize familiar faces.

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