Chittaranjan Das: Overview, Career & Legacy

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Chittaranjan Das

If you are someone who is residing in the capital city of  India, you would know that there is a colony called CR Park. This is one of the contributions of the nation to his name. Well! Chittaranjan Das is a prominent figure in Bengal’s fight for independence. He switched paths after failing the Indian Civil Service exam. He became a lawyer, defending political activists and using his voice in nationalistic publications. This article will discuss everything relating to the life of Chittaranjan Das. 

Overview of Chittaranjan Das

He was born to a very famous Bengali Brahmin family in Telirbagh, which is a place in present-day Bangladesh. Here is an overview of the Chittaranjan Das. 

Full NameChittaranjan Das
Popularly CalledDeshbandhu (Friend of the Country or Nation)
OccupationFreedom fighter, political activist, and lawyer
Known forLeader of the Swaraj Party in Bengal
Political EraIndian Independence Movement
Mentor toNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose
AbbreviationC. R. Das
Other AchievementsWrote poems, articles, and essays

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Chittaranjan Das: Career

He was a multifaceted and talented individual. His career has seen a mix of all the major works of many different professions. Let’s see some of the major works of Chittaranjan Das in the given points. 

  • Das was a successful barrister who famously defended Aurobindo Ghosh in the Alipore Bomb Case.
  • He was actively involved in the Non-Cooperation Movement and promoted burning British clothes and wearing khadi.
  • A believer in non-violent methods, he became the first mayor of Calcutta and led the Swaraj Party advocating for council entry.
  • Das published poems like “Malancha”, “Mala,” and “Sagar Sangeet” which clearly shows his literary side.
  • He championed Hindu-Muslim unity and national education.
  • He started the journal “Narayana” featuring prominent writers.

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Legacy of Chittaranjan Das

There are many institutions made after the name of Chittaranjan Das. One of them is mentioned in the very first line of this article. 

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, KolkataEstablished in 1950 from Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital founded by Chittaranjan Das
Chittaranjan Avenue, KolkataFormerly known as Central Avenue, connects North Kolkata with Central Kolkata
Chittaranjan, AsansolFamous for housing the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
Chittaranjan Locomotive WorksLargest locomotive manufacturing unit in the world
Chittaranjan CollegeA government arts and science college in North Kolkata
Chittaranjan Park, South DelhiOriginally EPDP Colony, named after Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das in the 1980s
Deshbandhu College for GirlsEstablished in 1955 and affiliated with the University of Calcutta


Why is Chittaranjan Das famous?

‘Narayan’ was a very high-class literary journal that was funded by Chitraranjan Das. moreover, he also contained some of his poems. 

What was the role of Chittaranjan Das in the Swaraj Party?

He is the founder-leader of the Swaraj Party in undivided Bengal during the period of British Colonial rule in India. 

Who is the grandson of Chittaranjan Das?

His eldest grandson was Siddhartha Shankar Ray and his granddaughter was Justice Manjula Bose.

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Hope you got to know about Chittaranjan Das. For more related articles you can visit our page of famous personalities.

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