What is the Capital of Portugal?

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What is the Capital of Portugal

The Capital of Portugal is Lisbon. Portugal, a country on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe with a rich history as a major European power, has a range of landscapes. The north is cold, rocky, and mountainous, while the south has a warm climate. The rugged Estrela Mountains, the highest point on mainland Portugal, lie between the Tagus and Mondego rivers. Additionally, the Capital of Portugal is the largest city in the country. In this article, we will discuss everything about the Capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

Overview of Lisbon

We are sure you must have already heard of the play written by William Shakespeare with the character Julius Caesar. Well! This was a real character from Lisbon. 

Lisbon Overview
Capital ofPortugal
Population (City Limits)567,131 (2023)
Population (Metro Area)2,961,177
Westernmost Capital (Mainland Europe)Only capital city on the Atlantic Coast (among mainland European capitals)
Westernmost Point (Continental Europe)Located within the Lisbon Metro Area (Portuguese Riviera)
LocationWestern Iberian Peninsula, Northern Shore of Tagus River

Brief History of Lisbon

Originally settled in 1628, Lisbon was originally known as Thompsonborough until 1802. It was not always, the Lisbon we know now. 

  • Early residents started manufacturing right away, forming a stock company in the year that is yet to be known. 
  • Land ownership shifted in 1798, hence prompting a division of Bowdoin Township. 
  • Thus, Lisbon became its own entity in 1799.
  • The town’s location was inconvenient for meetings, hence the separation from Bowdoin.
  • Today, Lisbon boasts a population of around 9,000 and offers scenic trails, shops, parks, and easy access to major highways.

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Demography of Lisbon

The population of Lisbon has been very different in different phases. Here are all the details of Lisbon’s demographics. 

Demography of Lisbon
Historical Population1300
Increased from 70,000 to 120,000
Almost 200,000
City CompositionPopulation
100.05 km²
Metropolitan AreaComposition

Population Estimates
Grande Lisboa (North Tagus) & Península de Setúbal (South Tagus)
2.7 – 2.96 million

Geography of Lisbon

The exact location of Lisbon is the Mouth of the Tagus River, in the westernmost mainland European capital. 

City Area: 100 km², with Monsanto Forest Park covering 10%. 

Climate: Mediterranean 

  • Warm, rainy winters (avg. high 11-19°C in Jan)
  • Hot, dry summers (avg. high 25-32°C in Aug)
  • Mildest winter nights among major European cities (avg. low 8.3°C in Jan)
  • Receives around 750mm of rain annually (most in Nov & Dec)
  • Sunshine: 2806 hours/year (most in July, driest in July & Aug)

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Economy and Culture of Lisbon

Lisbon is an economically and culturally rich country. Here is everything you need to know about the economy and culture of Lisbon. 

Economy of Lisbon

Lisbon is the economic powerhouse of Portugal and it is obvious since Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. 

  • It generates a whopping 45% of the country’s GDP and boasts a GDP per capita well above the European Union average. 
  • Additionally, the region is experiencing rapid growth, with a strong tertiary sector. 
  • Major multinationals have set up headquarters in the Lisbon metropolitan area, particularly in Oeiras.
  • Heavy industry is also a significant contributor to Lisbon’s economy, concentrated on the south bank of the Tagus River. 
  • Furthermore, there are key industries which include oil refining, textiles, shipbuilding, and fishing.
  • The Port of Lisbon is one of the busiest in Europe, further solidifying Lisbon’s position as a major commercial hub.
Source: Discovering Destinations

Culture of Lisbon

Lisbon offers a vibrant cultural scene. The 1990s World Fair preparations significantly bolstered the city’s cultural offerings. 

  • New landmarks like the Belém Cultural Center emerged, showcasing visual and performing arts. 
  • This center joins a network of cultural institutions like libraries, research institutes, and museums.
  • The city boasts a treasure trove of museums, catering to diverse artistic interests such as modern, ancient, sacred, decorative, and folk art.
  • There are unique museums including the Azulejo Museum, showcasing Portugal’s famed painted tiles, and the National Museum of Coaches which has an impressive collection of historical carriages.

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Facts about Lisbon

Here are the final part of this article. We will wrap the article with some of the amazing facts about the Capital of Portugal. 

  • Igreja de São Roque: One of the world’s most expensive chapels with an elaborate, gilded interior.
  • Bridges: Holds the record for the longest bridge (Vasco da Gama) and longest suspension bridge (25th of April) in the European Union.
  • Calçada Portuguesa: Traditional, patterned black and white cobblestone pavements found throughout Lisbon.
Source: Olissippo Hotels 
  • Great Lisbon Earthquake: One of the deadliest earthquakes in history, nearly destroying the city in 1755.
  • World Heritage Sites and Bookstores: Houses the Monastery of the Hieronymites and Belém Tower (UNESCO site) and boasts the oldest operating bookstore in the world (Livraria Bertrand) and the most bookstores per capita.


Is Portugal cheap or expensive?

Portugal is a relatively affordable place to travel to. This comparison is done with other European countries. 

Is 1200 euros a good salary in Portugal?

The average salary in Portugal is around €2,741 monthly. But, this number can change based on experience, skills, location, and gender. 

Do they speak English in Portugal?

The local languages are Spanish and Italian. However, the population of English-speaking people is larger in the country. 

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This is everything about the Capital of Portugal. For more such content, visit our general knowledge page. 

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