What is the Full Form of CIET?

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CIET full form

The full form of CIET is the Central Institute of Educational Technology. It was founded in 1984 and is a branch of India’s National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). NCERT operates under the Ministry of Education. CIET’s mission is to champion educational technology, particularly utilizing various forms of mass media, to widen access to education and enhance the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Let’s look at everything you need to know about CIET. 

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Overview of CIET

Here is an overview of CIET:

TypeAutonomous organization
Parent OrganizationNational Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
FunctionPromote use of mass media technology in education
BeneficiariesSchool-level education in India
FundingMinistry of Education, Government of India
Building DesignDedicated to Children of India
ArchitectRaj Rewal Associates
Year Built1986

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Facilities by CIET

CIET maintains certain facilities mentioned below:

Extensive Resources: CIET offers a rich resource collection with three separate libraries dedicated to audio, video, and book materials. These materials focus on educational technology, communication, and multimedia, including journals, CDs/DVDs, and multimedia packages. The library is even open to visitors outside CIET.

Edusat Network Access: CIET leverages Edusat, India’s first education-focused satellite. This network allows for educational content delivery through various methods like conventional broadcasts, interactive features, data exchange, and web-based learning.

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What is the role of CIET in education?

CIET creates interactive e-learning materials (Learning Objects) for science, math, and geography in grades 9-12, while also guiding state educational technology institutes and training teachers.

What is the full form of the CIET course?

The course included in the Central Institute of Educational Technology is the CIET course.

In which state is CIET located?

CIET is based in New Delhi. The campus is known as Tigri.


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