What Is The Full Form Of BLO?

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BLO Full Form

The full form of BLO is Booth Level Officer. They provide several functions to a booth-level officer by the Election Commissioner Of India to promote fair and free elections all over the country. Read this blog to learn more about the functions of a BLO and how they provide free and fair elections to the voters.

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What is BLO?

The Booth Level Officer is an important part of the Election Commission during the election session of the country. A Booth Level Officer has to take of many things, some of which are as follows:

  • Improves the quality of the registration process and electoral rolls.
  • A Booth Level Officer (BLO) is a representative of the local government or semi-government. They are usually aware of the electorate in the area. BLOs are typically voters in the same voting district and contribute to the updating of the voter list by using their local knowledge.
  • BLO is the grassroots representation of the Election Commission of India. It plays an important role in the process of gathering on-ground data.

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How are BLOs Elected?

The following are the criteria for the election of BLO.

  • The government bodies under Section 13B(2) of the Representation of People Act, 1950.
  • In August 2006, the commission agreed to establish a notion for selecting BLOs.
  • These elected BLOs are responsible for guaranteeing the authenticity of the electoral roll.
  • With the BLOs serving as its custodians at the polling place level, the ECI introduced this new system of designating BLOs. The purpose was to establish a clear chain of accountability for the creation of an error-free electoral roll.
  • The BLOs make sure that eligible individuals register to vote and obtain a voter card.
  • The BLO communicates with local residents and members of political parties to identify fraudulent voters. Furthermore, they will be removed from the electoral record following due procedure.

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What qualifications do BLOs possess?

They are chosen based on their understanding of the local electorate and their ability to facilitate the electoral process. While there might not be strict educational qualifications, BLOs are expected to have a good grasp of local demographics and electoral procedures.

How are BLOs different from other electoral officers?

Unlike other electoral officers who might have broader administrative responsibilities, BLOs primarily concentrate on tasks such as updating voter rolls, facilitating voter registration, and addressing issues related to specific polling stations.

What is the role of BLOs during elections?

Their responsibilities include verifying the authenticity of voter registrations, identifying and addressing discrepancies in voter lists, conducting voter awareness campaigns, and coordinating with local authorities to maintain law and order at polling stations.

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