Yolk vs Yoke

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Yolk vs Yoke

The words Yolk and Yoke sound similar and can confuse you while preparing for various competitive exams. You must understand the distinction between yolk and yoke in order to perform well in the vocabulary section of the exams. Aspirants for government exams such as SSC, RRB, insurance, and bank should carefully consider the difference between yolk and yoke. In the blog given below, Yolk vs Yoke has been covered extensively.

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Yolk vs. Yoke: Concept and Key Differences

Is it the yoke or the yolk? Although yoke and yolk are not exactly homophones, many people pronounce them similarly. Nonetheless, they have distinct meanings and their application never overlaps.

Yoke is concerned with the joining of two things.
An egg’s yolk is the centre portion of an egg.

The yolk is defined as the yellow part of the egg. While yoke as a noun is defined as a wooden tool that is used to join two livestock at the neck so that they can work together. As a verb, yoke describes the act of joining or connecting things together. At times, the yoke is also used metaphorically to denote something that is oppressive. 

Yolk Yoke
Yolk is a noun and it can never be a verb. Yoke is a noun as well as a verb. It can be used metaphorically as well.
Examples: Raju loves to eat bread dipped in egg yolk. (noun) Examples: The farmer tied the bullocks with a yoke to plough the field. (noun)Young people often chafe under the yoke of parental control. (Metaphorically)Every farmer must know how to yoke the oxen together. (verb)

By now, you must have got a hang of Yolk vs. Yoke. Based on it, questions are asked under the error spotting section or the reading comprehension section of the competitive exams, so you must learn the difference. 

Other Examples

Yolk vs Yoke
Credit: Britannica

A  whitish light fell through the two gritty windows onto the stained green wallpaper with its yolk-colored floral design.

Yolk vs Yoke
Credit: Shutterstock

India attained independence on 15th august 1947 and was finally freed from the yoke of colonialism.

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Practice Questions and Answers

Q1. The _____ contains the maximum of the known vitamins except for vitamin C.
Q2. Dame Gillian Beer persuaded women writers to free themselves from the _____ of romantic genres.
Q3. People suffer under the ___ of their beliefs and fixed mindset.Q4. If you ___two cows together, they can pull the plough.
Q5. All the cholesterol in the egg is concentrated in the____.
Q6. Put the____ on those oxen, otherwise, they won’t carry your cart.
Q7. How do you like the____ in boiled eggs, soft or hard?
Q8. If you____the two donkeys together, they can pull the plough.
Q9. Add an egg___to bind the mixture together.
Q10. I like eggs lightly cooked so that the___is still runny.
Q11. Fold the cream into the egg___mixture.
Q12. In Sanskrit, the term yoga means “to unite or____.”
Q13. Combine the egg ___ and egg white batter carefully
Q14. The next year the city passed for the first time under the____of strangers to the fellowship of Europe
Q15. The farmer tied the bullocks with a____to plough the field


Ans 1 yolk
Ans 2 yoke
Ans 3 yoke
Ans 4 yoke
Ans 5 yolk
Ans 6 yoke
Ans 7 yolk
Ans 8 yoke
Ans 9 yolk
Ans 10  yolk
Ans 11  yolk
Ans 12  yoke
Ans 13  yolk
Ans 14  yoke
Ans 15  yoke

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Yolk vs Yoke: Tricks to Remember

Here’s an easy and simple  way to remember yolk vs yoke while attempting competitive examinations:

If your sentence contains a verb, it must be yoke because yolk is never used as a verb. If the word is a noun, you should think about the context. If you’re referring to the yellow centre of an egg, you’re referring to the yolk. Keep in mind that this part of the egg contains a lot of cholesterol. Both cholesterol and yolk begin with the letter L. 

By keeping in mind the L that cholesterol and yolk share, you can remember to use yolk for those questions in the exam which are clearly talking about eggs.

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Hope you all have now become familiar with Yolk vs Yoke. For more clarity on the English section of competitive examinations and regular abroad education updates, stay tuned to Leverage Edu!

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