World Day for International Justice

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World Day for International Justice

Every year, July 17th is celebrated as World Day for International Justice. It is celebrated to recognise the emerging system of international justice and at the same time also promote the rights of the victim. 

This day highlights the importance of the struggle against impunity and ensuring justice for victims of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established with the purpose to investigate and try individuals charged with the gravest crimes of concern to the international community. To know more about the World Day for International Justice, read on.

History of World Day for International Justice

July 17 is celebrated as World Day for International Justice every year to mark the adoption of the Rome Statute in the year, which served as the founding treaty of the ICC. The ICC functions to protect people from genocide, war crimes and crime of aggression. It was in the year 1998.

Significance of World Day for International Justice

The day is celebrated not only to highlight the importance of the International Criminal Court but also to make people aware of the stand the court takes for those who perpetrate hate crimes on an international level. This day is meant for all countries to come together and join the fight against impunity so that perpetrators of such crimes are punished. It also aims at preventing future occurrences of these crimes.

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International Criminal Court

You must have heard about the ICC a lot. But do you know what exactly it is?

The ICC or International Criminal Court is the first individual and permanent judicial institution. This institution is endowed with the duty of trying individuals that have been accused of the most severe violations of humanitarian rights like genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity. It came into existence when multiple states in Rome adopted a statute, known as the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court. It cannot perform the duty of a national court but is available when a country wants to execute international peace offenders. 

Celebrating World Day of Social Justice 2021 


To commemorate the establishment of ICC, World Day for International Justice is celebrated with great enthusiasm across certain countries. The day is promoted by media channels, newspapers and radios to make people aware of the importance and significance of this day. Certain organisations run drives on this day to ensure people know about some issues of global importance like violence against women, genocide etc.

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This was all about the World Day for International Justice. Hope you found this blog to be informative and insightful. For more such content, stay connected with Leverage Edu!

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