World Radio Day 2021

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World Radio Day

Radio is a significant and integral part of our lives. Everyone uses it for entertainment, information and recreation purposes. It is our trusted buddy during long- traffic jams and our midnight refugee for old heartfelt songs. Radio is so entrenched in our lives that we rarely ever stop to acknowledge it, forget celebrating it! That is why UNESCO, in 2011, declared 13th February as the World Radio Day. In this blog, we will dig deep into the history, importance and ways to celebrate radio this year!  If you want to become a Radio Jockey, or just enjoy listening to the radio, this blog is just for you! 

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World Radio Day Theme 2021

World Radio Day is celebrated worldwide every year on 13th February to mark how radio impacts billions of lives and honour the contribution of radio stations, radio broadcasting companies and owners for reinventing and keeping the spirit of communication alive through the medium. For this year, the theme of World Radio Day is New World. New Radio. It celebrates the radio via three sub-themes:

  • Evolution
  • Innovation
  • Connection

The theme is dedicated to honouring old technologies who have proven their worth and resilience in a year marred by fear, sorrow and miscommunication. The sub-themes highlight the ways in which radio has proven itself to be resilient, adaptable and accessible in all climates and disasters. It is an ode to the tireless effort of radio broadcasting companies across the globe who initiate discussion, positive change and assistance in times of peace as well as conflict. The day is a call on everyone to take time and celebrate more than the 110 years of radio!


Before we go into the details on understanding how to celebrate World Radio Day, let us find out the history of radio! The radio first emerged as one of the modes of communication in the early 20th century. It’s incredible ability to disseminate information, education and entertainment which was appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. Radio’s efficiency and effectiveness were so grand that it was used during wartime, pandemics, natural disasters and for communication, evacuation, and transmitting warnings. The coming of new technologies like the internet and podcast did not diminish the relevance of the wireless medium of communication, in fact, it has grown tremendously and allowed it to permeate further into the lives of its listeners.   

Here is the history of Radio!

Source: YouTube


Radio has been and continues to a vital instrument of change and innovation. In 1920, President Warren G. Harding was the first Presidential candidate of America to use the radio to reach out to the American public. This trust in technology and its ability to transmit ideas won him the Presidential elections. Since then, several politicians, leaders, educators, experts and celebrities have utilised the platform to spread their ideas and initiate change. From ensuring remote learning during the polio outbreak in the 1940s to significant war and peace announcements, the medium has seen various timeframes.

Radio has seen the involvement of big personalities like Indian Prime Minister’s Mann ki Baat radio programme, it offers an eclectic collection of shows in every genre and language as well as a combination of classical and modern songs. The idea behind celebrating World Radio Day is to understand the importance of this small machine which has the ability to give you company when you are at your lowest and celebrate your accomplishments with you as well.  Radio’s cost-effectiveness and accessibility in even the most remote locations on earth is a testimony to its importance. Mentioned below are some points you must know about,  on the importance of radio. 

  • Radio is cost-effective and accessible
  • Its programmes are available in several languages
  • It is entertaining and democratic
  • It is a medium for disseminating news and information 
  • Helpful in natural and man-made disasters
World Radio Day
Image Source: Time and Date

How To Celebrate World Radio Day?

You can easily celebrate the world radio day by enjoying and appreciating the programmes and songs aired by your local radio stations or you can check out UNESCO which has come out with an interesting and fun way to encourage and involve everyone to participate and celebrate the 110 years of Radio! They are mentioned below. 

  • You can talk about the history, evolution and change in the field of mass communication in the backdrop of a year-long pandemic!
  • Listen to or broadcast a special radio programme dedicated to the ways which radio has changed lives.
  • Have an interesting debate about the relevance of evolution, innovation and connectivity.
  • Radio hosts or broadcasters can invite audience members for a fun exploratory day at the radio stations.
  • Hold interviews, special programmes, recordings and fun activities to encourage participation.

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This was all about World Radio Day, a day to commemorate our partner through thick and thin! Remember to take some time out on 13 of February to celebrate and acknowledge the lifelong service that radio has provided us. The next time you are listening to your favourite radio channels, call in the host and appreciate their efforts and commitment! For more such exciting content, check out the other blogs on Leverage Edu and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn Facebook and Quora

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