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More than 50% of our workforce is women. And it’s by design. It wasn’t some vision-from-the-sky ⚡️- but part of a deep-rooted belief formed from someone’s advice.

Just before Leverage began in its initial days, one of my mentors had said (and I swore by it!) that starting/building a company is a very fortunate thing to happen to you – and it should reflect everything you have stood for, every value you aspire for, every change you’ve wanted to make happen.

And that stayed with me.

There is no one day to celebrate women, and yet, it becomes an important day to just recollect important principles we need to continue to build on, to truly be able to become the best version of our own selves at Leverage Edu.

Grateful to all my women colleagues (those in the picture & those who aren’t). Who are just the best!

Also remembering all our women alumni today. You worked really hard, when the company could barely offer you anything. Those fundamentals and building blocks are what we stand upon today. Thank you very much!

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