Why Everyone Should Learn to Code?

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Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

COVID-19 has most definitely resulted in a tectonic shift of our once-normal lives. Its widespread repercussions can be seen across all sectors. While everyone tried to keep themselves busy during the pandemic, a lot took up new activities and learnt new things. The pandemic witnessed an increase in the number of people willing to learn to code as it has now become a new necessity for the lives of the common man. It is true that the number of individuals interested in learning coding has increased. What is also true is that a large chunk of the population is still not aware of the exact definition of coding and why it is so important. In this blog, we shall discuss why everyone should learn to code. Read on to know more. 

What is Coding?

Let’s first begin with having a brief discussion on what is coding. Coding also refers to computer programming. In simple terms, one may define it as a set of instructions used for making the computer accomplish a certain task. Every line of the code is used as a set of instructions to get the computer to perform a desired task. A set of codes form a script while a set or dozens of sets form a program.

Types of Coding Languages

There are a number of coding languages. Most of the languages perform a specific function whereas most of the languages are all purposes. Listed below are some of the popular coding languages you may wish to learn :

  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • SQL

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Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

Having discussed what coding is and a few of the top coding languages, let’s now discuss why it is necessary for everyone to learn how to code. Enlisted below are some of the reasons why everyone should learn how to code. 

1. Enhances Productivity

Coding gives way to a completely new way of thinking. Once you know the basics, you will be able to multitask. In simple terms, one can take up multiple tasks of automating and it won’t take much time also, One becomes more effective and productive at their work. They can focus not only on learning but handling other important things as well. One can easily access files, create their own programmes and save time. Hence, it can be said learning how to code definitely enhances productivity.

2. Build Skills Needed in the Software Industry

There is no doubt that companies today look for hiring individuals with advanced skills and computer programmers are highly in demand because of the significant advancement of technology. Employees with coding skills are the ones highly sought after by industries. 

Through coding individuals learn new skills. These skills make them a suitable fit for the software industry. Especially when they start learning early, they develop an inclination towards the software industry, that makes them an even better fit for the software industry.

3. Boosts Confidence

Once an individual is aware that they have a skill that makes them the most sugh after in the job market, it gives them a confidence boost. They become confident in their abilities, Having the power to solve technical problems makes individuals feel empowered. The learning quest also never dies. As once they start learning there is always a desire to learn more. 

Credit: TedX Talks

4. Helps in Developing Problem Solving Skills

Just like other languages you learn, coding too has a set of rules. A learner is expected to work in accordance with these rules. By learning how to use these rules, learners begin to use their logic to help them overcome problems that might arise. They learn how to get creative and pay attention to how to make certain things easy to use and effective. Coding involves a lot of problem solving. Hence, if you are interested in enhancing your problem solving skills while making easy to use websites, then you should definitely learn coding!

5. Broadens job opportunities

Now we come to the most important reason as to why everyone should learn how to code. It can be said that coding is the fundamental skill for technical jobs so learning how to code makes it easier for individuals to bag a job that suits their needs. However, this isn’t the only way coding can broaden job opportunities.For smaller start-ups too coding holds a lot of importance. They hire individuals to take care of coding and web design may not be the most economically viable choice. Coding also helps in finding jobs related to the field (like content creation, marketing, PR and more).

Online Coding Courses

Now if you wish to make use of your free time, you can learn coding at home. We have listed below a few online coding courses you can sign up for if you wish to learn coding :

  1. Udemy 
  2. Coursera
  3. Khan Academy
  4. EdX
  5. Codecademy

So, this was all about why everyone should learn how to code. We hope you are motivated enough to learn how to code now. For more such content, stay connected with Leverage Edu!

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