Why Do Indian Students Go Abroad to Study?

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Why do Indian Students Go Abroad to Study

Indian students usually go abroad to study in the hope of a better future for themselves and their families. The education system abroad is more advanced as many prominent international universities impart education through the latest technology and have up-to-date facilities. Going out of the country also provides innumerable choices to the students in terms of their preferred education stream. Hence, these students can choose precisely the subject they want to study, which may not be the case in India itself. Moreover, studying abroad also provides for easier access to employment opportunities abroad. Many countries have a lucrative market, that may be very helpful for the students who wish to pursue their education at international universities.

Seven Reasons Indian Students Go Abroad to Study

There are several and varying reasons why almost every Indian student wants to study abroad as well as every parent wants to be able to afford for their children to study abroad. However, of the many, below we jot down a few of the main reasons behind this trend:

In Search for a Better Quality Education

It will be unfair to compare Indian education with that of abroad because some of the most prestigious universities abroad were established even before India got its independence. Though the standard of education has increased and evolved over the years, these courses mostly just have a theoretical approach while it lacks a practical application of the syllabus. Lack of practicality in the courses will distance the students from the skills that are required to prosper in their careers. 

In comparison to this, the universities abroad actively engage their students with a balance of theory and practicality in their curriculum. The colleges offer both on-campus and off-campus professional experiences in order to equip their students with skills. This helps them engage with the study matter. 

Another feature of the international education system is the flexibility of the courses during which the students can choose their course based on their interests. The curriculum also allows them to work part-time so that the students can earn while studying. Moreover, alumni from many times comprise great scholars that own global companies. These alumni networks help students to acquire job offers after graduation

There is also a strong culture of innovation and technology in these countries that encourages students to challenge themselves and develop different ideas in order to sharpen their skill sets. 

Due to Employment Prospects and Higher Salary

One of the major reasons why Indian students study abroad is employment. Students prefer to get an international qualification as it improves their career prospects. These graduates receive higher salaries and get more job opportunities. It should also be noted that International qualifications are valued more than domestic degrees in India. This is because the companies prefer applicants with advanced and international degrees as they have a higher skill set as compared to others. 

Moreover, employees that have advanced degrees usually also hold higher posts in companies. An added bonus of the stay back option given on student visas lets international students stay back and search for employment after the completion of their course. The salaries these students receive in international companies are much higher as compared to the salary for the same job in India

For Immigration

Indian students apply to universities in developed countries like the USA and UK with the end goal of immigration. Only after employment securement can they apply for Permanent Residency. The US has a 2-year stay-back policy during which the country can convert the visa to a work visa. On the other hand, Canada has a 3-year stay-back policy during which the students can apply for a work visa and permanent residency. UK has brought back its 2-year stay-back work visa to help international students seek employment in the UK. 

Immigration plays a very important role in deciding the country to study. The reason behind this can be pinned down to the fact that students are focused on work opportunities after they complete their program.

Due to Accessibility of Admission

Because of its massive population, Indian students compete fiercely to obtain their dream course as well as their dream jobs. Thus admissions to top-tier colleges in the country, which also have fewer seats are extremely competitive.

The students have the option to avoid this rat race and go after their dream course in a university abroad if they have the appropriate and required academic credentials and are also financially secure. Moreover, the process for admission is also relatively simpler for international universities, and hence Indian students nowadays prefer to study abroad.

Due to Unavailability of Courses

Another reason that the Indian students want to study abroad is that the courses they wish to study either are not offered in India at all or are at least not with the same depth and structure as they are offered abroad.

Abroad universities provide the students with not only the latest facilities but also vast educational texts as they always have easy access to all resources of the university library.

Research Opportunities and Specializations

Students who are pursuing their education in academic subjects, especially the ones that have a research component, tend to go abroad to pursue their postgraduate studies. This is mostly because the research opportunities available abroad are much better than the opportunities that are available in India. There is more support in abroad universities, better infrastructure as well as better prospects for students to conduct their research.

Moreover, certain subject specializations are not offered in India. Hence, this also leads to students pursuing their postgraduate degrees from abroad.


Scholarships open a wide range of possibilities for the students in terms of financial balance to study abroad. From private scholarships to scholarships offered by various governments and governments to boost their research output, the students will have quite a number of scholarships to apply for. 

Some of the popular scholarships are the Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowships Rhodes, Scholarship Program, and Huawei Maitree Scholarship. 

Other Basic Reasons Why Indian Students Go Abroad to Study

To Learn and Live a New Language/Culture

Studies show that immersion in the use of language in our daily lives is the best way to become fluent in a foreign language. This is also true in order to understand a new culture. 

Living, studying and working in English or other languages for basic things such as buying a water bottle might seem to be challenging at first. However, the students will be surprised at how quickly it becomes their second nature. Communicating confidently in foreign languages will help the students to excel in their studies as well as make new friends from different parts of the world.

For Gaining a Global Perspective

Students who study in international universities tend to develop a wider perspective and well-informed mindset towards other cultures. By doing this the students will be able to think from a multinational perspective which will help them face modern challenges as well as come up with innovative solutions in future. 

The students graduate with a richer set of experiences. These experiences allow the students to think more openly and creatively. As the students learn to view the world through a different lens, they also learn new things about their own country and culture.

An Experience of a Lifetime

The study abroad experience does not end at the campus gates. During weekends the students have the chance to travel to tourist hotspots. This means the students will be able to experience geographies different from India. These students can then come back with interesting stories for their friends and family, and they may also end up finding an activity they enjoy doing and hence make a career in it.

Post-Pandemic Migration Trends

After the pandemic hit the world, all the students that were studying abroad had to inevitably go through uncertainty for almost a year. Many students also got stranded in other countries due to the lockdown, while many had to travel back to their home countries. 

Many international students also had to wait for long months to restart their academics. However, this has not brought any stains on the reputation of foreign education. While many students still opt for international universities, the only thing that has changed is the reason why Indian students go abroad to study. 

The pro-student policies of the USA, UK, and Canada implemented in the post-pandemic era have attracted many new Indian students to these countries. 

It would’ve been logical to think that students would not like travelling abroad after the pandemic and its consequences. However, according to the data released by the Ministry of External Affairs, the number of Indian students obtaining their higher education in international universities has increased in the current year. 


Is it worth studying abroad for Indian students?

Yes, studying abroad is worth investing in. It provides great career opportunities, a multicultural environment, global networking, as well as socializing. Even if the students find a great course in India, we would recommend them to study abroad if they want to become worldlier.

Where do Indian students prefer to study abroad?

Some of the top destinations where Indian students prefer to study are Canada, Germany , New Zealand, France, Singapore etc.

Which is the safest country for Indian students?

Following are the top seven safest places to study abroad: Canada, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, and Sweden.

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