Reasons to Study at University of Oxford

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10 Reasons to Study at University of Oxford

A name that has been consistently leading the ranking charts, the University of Oxford is one of the prestigious universities. With a legacy of 900+ years, it has established its unparalleled reputation globally in academics and research. The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world and provides unique academic facilities and quality education. Read through the blog to know why you should choose Oxford University.

Global Influence

Oxford today stands among the top universities of the world. As a result, the institution has created its brand in the educational sector and recruiters in the global market are keen on hiring  Oxford graduates. This university has a distinct influence which implies that the academics, training, and research for students of this university is highly regarded across the globe.

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Exceptional Academic Facilities

The University of Oxford is highly recognised for its exceptional academic facilities. It offers its undergraduate students the opportunity to be a part of one of the world’s largest and most prestigious faculties and members of an intimate academic community. The three different forms of teaching carried out at Oxford includes – Lectures, Seminars and Tutorials. Students can benefit from these modes of teaching immensely.

Scholarship Schemes

In addition to its exceptional academic facilities, Oxford also ensures no deserving candidate is left behind because of financial issues. Hence, it offers financial aids like scholarship programs to its students. While studying at Oxford, students can access additional funding from College to buy books, visit museums, etc. Oxford University also ensures there are plenty of opportunities to take on paid work and internships during vacations. Additionally, it also provides a wide range of professional welfare and well-being services.

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Building Core Skills

The Oxford University degree allows students to develop certain essential skills through its intellectually rewarding academic programs. Some of these skills are:

  • Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Evaluation Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Argument Formation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to handle pressure 
  • Work independently
  • Time management skills


Oxford encourages cultural diversity at all of its campuses and hence accepts various international admissions every year. The diversity at the campus is vibrant and students meet and interact with people from across the globe. Even while walking around the city, students will hear different languages and find food from all around the world: France, India, Thailand, Brazil, Italy.

Work While Study Opportunities

Several students, to help ease their financial burden, take up part-time jobs. The UK student visa allows students to work up to 20 hours per week. Having a part-time job will support students and help them get experience in your chosen industry. 

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Free Healthcare

Oxford is located in the UK, students are entitled to free healthcare services. Students who stay in the UK for more than 6 months are entitled to full NHS healthcare cover. This implies that students must not worry about any financial implications related to health emergencies. Students, however, must ensure to register with a doctor once they arrive, either locally or onsite at university. 

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Rewarding Career Opportunities

Employers in the job market highly regard the value of an Oxford University degree. According to surveys, it was pointed out that jobs in sectors like civil service, law, finance, the arts and publishing are regarded amongst the most common careers. To ensure students get placed and have a knowledge of their career paths, Oxford University has an outstanding careers service that students can access for life.

So, this was about why one should choose Oxford University. If you wish to apply to Oxford University and need help with the application process, then get in touch with Leverage Edu who will assist you in securing your admission to this prestigious university. 

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