What is UCAS?


The United Kingdom offers more than 50,000 undergraduate programs. Universities and College Admission aka UCAS is the only way an applicant may choose to apply to the university in the UK. For an academic session, which commences September’18, the application deadlines are 15th January’18.

Essential factors while applying through UCAS:

  1. UCAS limits to only five programs
  • This portal allows applying only to five programs
  • Also, you cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge
  • It is not mandatory to apply to all five programs in one go
  • Even if, you opt two programs from the same university, 2 slots are gone
  • Each program has unique UCAS code, which needs to be entered while applying
  • Application for each course costs 13 pounds or 24 pounds for two and above programs


  1. Deadlines
  • Most of the undergraduate programs start in September and thus deadlines are generally 15th Jan of the same year.
  • For most medical programs, deadlines are in mid-October
  • While, programs like Art and Design, deadlines are 24th March of that year
  • The earlier the better, so no harm in finishing and submitting before the deadlines
  • Universities with rolling admissions may consider within a few days of sending the application, irrespective of the deadlines.
  • You can only accept one program and rest needs to be rejected


  1. Application Requirements
  • Log on to ucas.com and create a username and a password.
  • Fill up the form by providing basic information about yourself.
  • Give details about your education history
  • Need to enter information for all certificates and grades you achieved since the age of 11.
  • Many universities ask for a specific unit or module results.
  • Submit your predicted scores, if you are still in your final semester.
  • On the basis of the predicted score, the university may offer you conditional admit. Later they must match with your actual scores, for the final admit.
  • Essay on a given topic should be submitted with about 4000 characters.
  • The same essay is going to all five universities or program, so don’t be college-specific or program specific. Write more about yourself, skills, interests, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Get a strong letter of recommendation from your trainer or school counselor
  • In your Employment part of the application, write of your part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and internships, if any.


Once your application form is filled and you’ve attached the letter of recommendation, they will be directed to the respective college or university.


makes the entire application process smoother, simpler and streamlined. The organisation aims at matching students to right colleges and right programs. Being this system so straightforward, students are not able to apply on their own. There’s nothing wrong with taking professional help for the same.


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