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wedding planner course

Do you remember the movie “Band Baja Baraat”, starring Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh who take up the job of planning a wedding and how they manage to ingeniously earn a lot of money out it? If you also believe that weddings are an auspicious occasion that calls for a huge celebration, and you want to go behind the scenes to facilitate this matrimony bond of two people, then there is nothing more exciting than pursuing a Wedding Planner course. Working closely with colours and fabrics, lights and music, food and drinks, a Wedding Planner can give couples their perfect fairytale wedding. But, here’s a deal! The job is demanding and requires extensive hard work – to be innovative to emerge out in the competitive market. As a planner, you have to deal with different types of people, all coming from different backgrounds. To understand their needs, preferences and choice in order to formulate a plan and execute it in a cost-efficient manner, is your ultimate goal!

So, let us take a look at some major Wedding Planner courses and essential skills that you can master if you are thinking of entering the glam world.

Skills Taught in Wedding Planner Courses

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.” – Abigail Adams. As you are in your journey to pursue a Wedding Planner course, you will be surprised to know that your course not just teaches the conceptual theory of wedding planning but it is more inclined towards the application part of it. As a Wedding Coordinator, you have the massive potential to grow and learn new techniques every single day. Moreover, there is a lot of scope for creativity and innovation. But where to start? What skills does a Wedding Planner need?

Design the Layout

The first thing that wedding planners do after they have an appointment with the clients is to decide the theme, colour, design, fabrics, decor, food and so on. When they have decided on the expenditure of the event,  planners make a financial estimate that adheres to the budge of the client and at the same time managing to offer the services desired by the couple. As a wedding is a massive affair with samples needed to be checked, the coordinators arrange meetings and discussions.

Initiate Family Mediation

Marriage is not just above the couple but bringing two families together. So, expectations of almost everyone in the family have to be met by the wedding planners. This involves initiating a lot of uncomfortable conversations that nobody wants to have but is necessary. And eventually, act as peace-makers and sort things out. A Wedding Planning course nurtures you to be able to remain calm in the face of adversity and at the same time establish good connections that will help ensure good deals. Always remember that no matter how beautifully the event has been orchestrated, there can always be some sort of emotional twist that an advisor must be able skillfully to negotiate.

Oversee the Intricacies

There are a lot of small yet crucial aesthetic elements like flowers, lights, and other visual elements, sounds, and so on. Working towards pulling them off in a way that it creates magic is your goal. So, a Wedding Planner course would help you become more familiar with the elegant taste and genteel manners. Besides, you will develop the skills to coordinate with photographers, videographers, musicians and disc jockeys, hotels, make-up artists, jewellers, florists, caterers, churches and rental halls, and even travel agents.

Provide Sassy Fashion Advice 

Wedding coordinators have to act like style mavens who are on point with all of their advice. You would be required to orient your ideas around the current trends and the conventional mandates in order to pull all the elements in a sensible manner. From the design and decor to the dresses of the bride and groom, everything has to be managed by you and your team. Marriage is a religious affair, requires planners to have knowledge of customs and tradition. You can spend time reading different bridal magazines and keep up with the latest trends.

Handle Invitations

Invitations are meant to convey the must-know details of the function and should not be underestimated. An invite has to be alluring and tailored to the host’s taste and personality. It should also be welcoming and capture the attention of the guests. The responsibility doesn’t end here. You need to set an appointment, offer etiquette advice, recording responses, coordinating with decors and vendors and negotiate contracts.

Accomplish a Smooth Execution 

The only thing that you will wish for as a planner is, the successful execution of days of hard work that you and your team has put into a single wedding. From your vendors delivering their promised goods on time, quality of food, decoration matching with the wedding theme to the unruly guests not creating a fuss and get all they need is your responsibility. It is about running your own business as well as manage someone else’s money!

After the completion of your Wedding Planner course, you would have the above mentioned fundamental knowledge that is primarily essential for your business. It is with time, that you would polish your skills and become adept at handling occasions of this sort and multitask with efficiency because when the wedding season would be around the corner, there would be truckloads of things that would be on your to-do list!

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Top Institutions to Pursue a Wedding Planner Course

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Institute Wedding Planner Course
International Career Institute ICI Diploma in Wedding Planner
Oxford Home Study Centre Certificate/ Diploma on Level 1-5 
Wedding Inc. Wedding and Event Planning Styling Design Course 
Wedding Management Institute Diploma in Wedding Design 
Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute Certified Wedding and Event Planning
International Open Academy  Course in Wedding Planner – CPD Accredited 
Wedding Planner Book  Certified Wedding Specialist 

Scope of Wedding Planning Course

Wedding planning is a field that would never betray you. There are ample opportunities available in businesses that specifically deal with weddings and require professional who have pursued Wedding Planner courses. You may also choose to pursue this as a career after the successful completion of your Event Management course. Wedding planning can be great for those who plan to open their start-up. This way, you would have the reins to choose your team and partners and would decide who to get into business with. 

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