These common reasons of visa refusals for Canadian Students can land you in trouble

If you’re applying to study in Canada then you must meet the financial requirement to manage the expenses there. Any kind of financial uncertainty may increase your chances for Visa refusal. 

Financial instability

You are granted a temporary student visa for the duration of your intended study program. Further, you are supposed to leave the country. If you fail to demonstrate your intent to return to your home country, then your visa will be rejected. 

Intent to return to home country 

You must submit all the required documents and valid evidence to prove your authenticity. Your visa will be refused if you provide false documents.

Insufficient Documentation

Your overall academic performance is equally looked upon by the visa officials. If you fail to score good in IELTS or other exams, your visa will be rejected.

Poor Academic Performance

If your selected program doesn’t align with your past qualifications and work experience, then you must be able to demonstrate a valid reason with proof why you are choosing the course. Failing to do so can result in visa rejection.

Wrong choice of Program

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