The best way to ensure you get a good job after you complete your studies is to look out for locations that provide you with best opportunities!

Moreover, looking out for top-paying countries is the best way to find better opportunities. 

To make it easier for you, we have made a list of the top-paying countries that need data engineers! Read on to find out your opportunities!

USA pays an average of INR 78.10 lakhs at the entry-level. Once you get enough experience, the salary can rise to INR 135.66 lakhs. This ain’t surprising as USA is one of the largest digital economies in the world!

Switzerland can provide the data scientists an average salary of INR 93.31 lakhs which can increase to INR 106.88 lakhs a year once they attain a senior level.

In the UK, the average salary of a fresher data scientist is upto INR 56.39 lakhs while it can increase to INR 83.21 lakhs after they have gained enough experience. 

After Australia saw a sharp rise of in its digital economy, the salaries for data scientists’ in the country rose to an average of INR 139.77 lakhs with many offering over INR 164.43 lakhs annually.

Nobody predicted that Israel could become a major IT centre, however, this has created a need for data scientists who can make an average of INR 85.71 lakhs annually.

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