Planning to study abroad? Check out these expert tips to write an effective SOP.

  1) Avoid statements and write stories :
Explain a short but great narrative that made you select this course and university. State a strong reason for pursuing this field and impress the committee with your creative storyline.

 2. Write stories that are both qualitative and quantitative :
It should not only be appealing to the eyes of a reader but also contain measurable quantities so that viewer can get into its depth. 

3. Specifically written :
Instead of writing just for the sake of it, dig in deep to introspect and write it in the most effective way.

4. Use a formal but conversational tone: 
Your SOP should read like a novel, it should have that formal essence but with the elements of fun and uniqueness.

5. Portray yourself:
You have to present your passion for studying abroad through words. Impress the selection committee with your words that represents your determination and will to study abroad.

6. Write a great story only if you have one:
It's not always true that all of the students will have extraordinary backgrounds. Therefore, be simple yet creative in your writing while writing about your academic record. 

7. Modify your essay:
Do not just copy and paste from somewhere by replacing your details. Instead, introspect and write about your own vision, values, and ideas that inspire you.

8. State problems and queries that you have:
Be honest while writing about your background for example, any backlog you had in your school. It is also a great opportunity to address any query you have regarding admission. 

9. Research about the university you are applying:
Make sure to go through in great detail about the universities that you are applying to as it will have a great impression on selection committe. 

10. Reach out to people to analyze your essay:
Make sure you get your essay read by your friends and family as they know you very well. And in case of any missing detail, they will surely point it out.

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