Spearhead in IELTS with these English Tricks!

Scoring a good score in IELTS can open many doors for aspiring students. Tap to get a head start!!

Reading Tips


Academic books & on variety of subject areas are your best friends if you want to be a pro at skimming through literatures.

Writing Tips

Follow this tip to gain a 'Tharoorian' vocabulary or should I say the ability to throw head-scratchers anytime anywhere? 

TIP: Find new words & idioms, don’t leave grammar behind.

Speaking Tips

Fluent English can be like music to ears. Especially for your IELTS test, consider this the gospel truth.

TIP: Pause as you speak, focus on pronunciation & intonation patterns.

Listening Tips

Otherwise, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! For eg, make it a habit to practice instructional English!

TIP: Distraction is going to be your worst enemy


1. Note your weak areas & work on them
2. Make a study plan
3. Search for authentic study material
4. Focus on your Grammar

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