Many universities and colleges in the USA have a South Asian or Indian student organization that organises Diwali celebrations with their classmates.

The student group puts on a Diwali show every year, complete with lively dances, a humorous skit, and other entertaining acts.

The Diwali celebration and show is where many people of Indian origin meet their best friends and find a community to which they feel they belong.

There are fashion show segments, a usual mix of lively Indian dances such as the Garba, Raas, and Bhangra. Moreover, many times, the show also began with a ceremony called “Diya Lighting.”

Participants in the Diya Lighting welcome the audience to the Diwali celebration in a variety of languages. By doing so, any barriers between cultures are removed, allowing for a sense of unity on this campus.

Universities that celebrate Diwali are Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, The University Of Wisconsin Madison, University of California, Los Angeles etc.

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