There are several legends behind the celebration of the auspicious festival of Bhaidooj

One of the most popular stories is related to Yamraj, the god of death. 

As per the legend, Yamuna, Yamraj’s sister, asked her brother to visit her on many times. But Yamraj was not able to do so for a long time. 

When he finally went to meet her, he was greeted with a grand welcome ceremony. He was offered sweets and was honoured with the tilak ceremony.

Being very pleased with the respect and love he was showered with, Yamraj gave his sister a boon 

In return, she asked Yamraj to dedicate a day to her. On this day, she asked him to visit her house each year. 

Hence, to honour the kinship between brothers and sisters, the ritual of siblings visiting each other on Bhaidooj began.

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