There are different types of scholarships that are best suited for students, depending on the eligibility criteria. 

Searching for scholarships under these particular categories may make your work to get funds a lot easier!

Means Based Scholarships : This one caters to the requirements of students from economically backward classes , usually categorized on the basis of annual family income.

Merit Based Scholarships : this considers both academic merit and financial need of students.

Talent Based Scholarships : Talent in the fields of music , art and dance are recognized and scholarships for them are available to stop you from clipping your ambitious wings , and letting them fly.

Sports Based Scholarships : Winning a scholarship based on performance in a particular sport is noteworthy. You should know that you are open to a lot of scholarships from sports institutions.

Women-Centric Scholarships : Keeping a sharp focus on empowering women, a number of scholarships are bring offered to girls based on academic merit, or financial need.

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