The SAT exam comprises of 3 sections: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. To obtain a higher score, it is important to target each section individually.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you in your SAT preparation:

1. Make a plan for each SAT section and approach the easier questions first.

 2. Take as many SAT Practice Tests as possible before the exam. 

3. Know your weaknesses and work on them thoroughly.

4. Read passages in SAT Reading with interest and then answer.

 5. Highlight the important parts in the question before answering.

6. Fill the bubbles in the sheet after completing the section and mark the answers booklet first.

7. Memorise useful facts for SAT essay section.

 8. Try finding your own answers for SAT reading and then cross-check.

 9. Master your grammar basics.

 10. Skip questions if they are taking too much time.

 11. Most importantly, stay calm throughout the test and answer questions by double-checking.

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