Use these simple Mnemonic tricks to learn new words with ease.

Meaning: A widely held, fixed but oversimplified idea of a particular thing or person.


Mnemonic: The stereo just played typical (stereotypical) pop music.


Meaning: Capable of making mistakes

Mnemonic: fall+iblle....think of a person who can FALL FOR anything, and hence makes mistakes.


Meaning: Causing harm or damage

Mnemonic:  De-TRIM-ental. A new haircut proved detrimental to her interview – she should have got a trim instead. 


Meaning: Having depth of meaning or insight, or deep-seated emotion. 

Mnemonic:  Prof. Found A Deep (Profound) Secret


Meaning: A general or ‘common’ agreement; Common people deciding direction on a topic

Mnemonic: Con-sensus can be seen as ‘Con (Common) sensus (sense)’ = Common Sense!

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