A recent study in Lancet reported a 35% increase in mental health problems in India.

WHO also estimated that India can suffer an economic loss of around 1.03 trillion dollars between 2012 and 2030 due to mental health conditions.

Mental disorders can even affect classroom learning, such as lower academic performance, poor attendance, trouble in adjusting to school etc.

There has been a rising awareness in terms of mental health with increasing number of people seeking help. 

Mental health is important to succeed in life & if you are enthusiastic about improving the conditions, here are some courses that you can opt for 

10. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in developmental psychology at Harvard University

9. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in experimental psychotherapy and clinical science at Harvard University

8. MSc Psychology: Cultural Psychology

7. MSc Psychology: Brain & Cognition in Society at University of Amsterdam

6. BA Development Psychology at Harvard University

5. Psychology (BA) at Stanford University;

4. BA (Hons) Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at University of Cambridge;

3. MPhil Psychology at University of Cambridge;

2. BA Psychology at Oxford University

1. MSc Psychological Research at Oxford University

There are two broad areas in the field. You can opt to become a psychiatrist or a psychologist. 

While a psychiatrist can prescribe medication for treatment, psychologists focus on therapy and counseling for recovery. 

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