Study Abroad: Increase in the number of international students at UW-Eau Claire is a sign of its best-value education

University administrators say the rise in international students at UW-Eau Claire is terrific

This spring, 225 overseas students are enrolled at UWEC for the first time since the pandemic

38 nations are currently represented among international students at
UW-Eau Claire

Including China, Malaysia, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Serbia, Brazil, and a number of other nations

There are 90 Chinese 22 Malaysians, 17 Indians, 11 Koreans, and one or two students from many other countries

The university also has a Host Friends programme that matches prospective students with locals

The university currently has collaborations to persuade students to continue their education here

These agreements with numerous universities worldwide, particularly ones in China will benefit both students and universities

In Wisconsin, there were 11,949 international students enrolled in 2022, an increase of 4.5% from the previous year

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