Study Abroad: College in NZ constructs a new wellness centre for international students

Kapiti College constructs a new wellness centre with counselling services for international students to study in New Zealand.

The opening of a new wellness centre will provide international students at Kapiti College in New Zealand with exciting prospects in the upcoming academic year.

The wellness centre will be divided into two portions, with around 40% of it being used for counselling and the other 60% being used for international students and their education.

The wellness centre’s construction began in July of last year, and it is anticipated to be finished in March or April, at the conclusion of the first academic term.

Building the wellness centre will cost $1.3 million, which will be covered by government and school board funding.

The director of foreign education at Kapiti College, Steve Burt, stated that when children visit a counsellor, they want to make sure other people know what they are doing.

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