New Changes in IELTS Exam Patten Will Benefit the Candidates 

As Per the New Change in IELTS Exam, Candidates Can Retake One Section from the Four Course Modules

The New Feature is IELTS Exam, OSR or One Skill Retake will not only help the Indian Students But Also People Who Are Planning to Migrate and Work 

If candidates failed to score properly in one test, they can retake a speciifc one insteas of giving the whoile test again. 

Purti Chawla, Senior IELTS Manager of Leverage Edu Said, "I am sure the One Skill Retake will be a welcome move. With it, test-takers can get their study or migration applications processed without much delay. Many candidates get anxious and make inadvertent errors so this feature comes as some assurance and takes a lot of pressure off."

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