Are you planning to study Engineering? Here are some innovative careers in it that you can pursue.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering :

AI Engineers build, test and deploy AI models and develop software infrastructure related to it. To become AI Engineer you need to know Machine-Learning, advanced coding and have problem solving skills. 

Blockchain Engineer :

Blockchain Engineering is basically about specializing in Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Engineers analyze the nodes stored in various databases and provide digital solutions regarding this technology. 

Entertainment Engineer:

Entertainment Engineers create and innovate mechanical and structural systems for scenic and entertainment staging, amusement parks and other kinds of entertainment.

Marine Engineer:

The job of a Marine Engineer is to plan, design, produce and maintain all kinds of ships and sea vessels. Marine Engineering also involves ocean science and oceanography. 

Food Engineer:

Food Engineering covers the food processing industry which includes microbiology, chemistry, plant operations and also the safety of food packaging. They offer sustainable and cost effective ways of food production.

Formula one racing Engineer:

The job of a Racing Engineer involves Automotive Engineering, Physics, Maths, and excellent communication skills as he is the primary communicator between the racer and the technical team. 

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