Let's have a look at the most spoken languages in the world along with the no. of people speaking those langauges.

Language is one of the primary systems of communication in speech and writing that people in a specific country use.

English: 1132 Million

English is spoken in countries like Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Jamaica etc.

Mandarin: 1117 Million

Mandarin-speaking countries include China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia 

Hindi: 615 Million

Hindi is spoken in countries like India, the USA, Pakistan, New Zealand, Yemen, Nepal, Uganda, Mauritius etc.

Spanish: 534 Million

Spanish-speaking countries include Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru, Spain, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia etc

French: 280 Million

French is spoken in countries like Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Cameroon etc

Arabic: 274 Million

Arabic is spoken in countries like Egypt, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Qatar, Morrocco, Oman, Syria etc 

Bengali: 265 Million

Bengali-speaking countries include India, Bangladesh, The USA, The Middle East etc

Russian: 258 Million

Russian is spoken in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Baltic States, Kyrgyzstan etc

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